LeBron “Bronny” James Jr., the eldest son of NBA great LeBron James, is no stranger to going viral, but this time, it’s for his suspected love life. Bronny recently appeared in a TikTok video alongside 17-year-old TikTok star Peyton, which of course went viral and caused social media to suspect Peyton was Bronny’s girlfriend.


The video in question shows Bronny and Peyton doing the “Bop It Challenge,” where Bronny sat in a chair while Peyton playfully moved his head to the sound of the Bop It music. Another video shows Bronny and Peyton dancing to “For The Night” by the late Pop Smoke featuring Lil Baby and DaBaby.

The viral videos soon drew rumors on Twitter as to whether or not Bronny and Peyton were a couple or just good friends and it even trended on Twitter. Although Bronny or Peyton has yet to confirm or deny the rumors, fans and trolls clashed on social media over them. Being the son of one of the most famous athletes on Earth, Bronny is no doubt used to dealing with trolls, who wasted no time in criticizing Bronny for allegedly dating Peyton, who just happens to be White. Meanwhile, Bronny’s fans said that he should be left alone, saying that race doesn’t matter and that grown adults should mind their business and not worry about a 15-year-old’s love life.

One Twitter user said: “We sitting here talking about equality but tripping over Bronny James dating a White girl…what does it matter? Like and love whomever makes you happy regardless of race…love is love and has no discrimination.”

Another user said: “15-year-old Bronny James is trending because he did a TikTok with a White girl? Dafuq is wrong with y’all?? Grow up.” A third user said: “There are fully grown adults with real-life adult problems on this website that are concerned about who a 15-year-old is dating. Leave Bronny James alone you weirdos.”


Kotey Ashie

Kotey Ashie

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