We have watched Storm Reid mature into one of Hollywood’s most talented young actresses. She has been in some of the most recognizable television shows and movies to date. She’s successfully navigating college and career, while also, working as a budding producer and entrepreneur via her production company, A Seed & Wings. There is really, nothing that Storm cannot do. Recently, she spoke to Elle Magazine, telling readers just how she does it all, in addition to dishing on her friendship with Zendaya, college, and growing up in Hollywood.


Having pursued acting since the age of three, the now 19-year-old former homeschooler, said that being on the University of Southern California campus has given her a new sense of life different from how she grow up.

“I was feeling very fulfilled as a young person working, but not really as a young person that does young people things.”

Now, the dramatic arts major is, of course, taking in football games, spending time with friends, attending parties…doing things that college kids do as she prepares for “the big leagues for real adults.”

The Missing actress said that one of her frustrations growing up in the spotlight of Hollywood is that, “people automatically associate you with your character and they don’t really get to know you.”

Yet, being a college student has also allowed her to make her mark as just Storm Reid, the person and not as Storm Reid the actress.

But, of course, there are those times when people just don’t let a scene from one of her projects, in particular, the popular HBO Max series Euphoria, go and she has to tell them that she is not her character.

“I am actively showing you Storm,” she says. “And if you are continuing to comment about Gia and June and all the other projects that I’ve been a part of, that’s up to you. I’m presenting myself in the most authentic Storm way.”

In terms of Gia and June, the relationship on-camera is about as special as the relationship off-camera between Storm and Zendaya.

Reid tells the popular fashion magazine that she has looked up to Zendaya “basically my entire childhood,” and that Zendaya has taught her how to navigate fame as “[Zendaya’s] consistent, and she’s a good person, and she takes up space in the most beautiful, gentle way.” 

To read Storm’s interview with Elle in its entirety, click here. There’s a reason that Storm Reid is a true Hollywood darling and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for this multi-talented young woman.


Photo Credit(s)/Featured Images: Storm Reid Instagram


Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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