She acts, sings, raps, and is a true philanthropist at heart with a fan base of over 34K fans on Instagram alone. If you haven’t heard of Shelia’ Celine yet, you have not and make sure to continue following her journey because we have a feeling that it is going to be an amazing one. BCKOnline caught up with the multi-talented pre-teen to get to know her better and we are definitely glad that we did. Check out our exclusive interview with

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BCKOnline: You are an actress, model, and recording artist. Tell us how you got started in the entertainment industry? 


Shelia’ Celine: When I was younger, my mom was a recording artist and she was in entertainment which made me curious about entertainment. As I got older, I got more and more interested in the entertainment industry and wanted to do it. After begging and begging my parents, they finally signed me up for acting classes. When I found out that modeling was offered at my acting school, “sign me up” was the first thing I said about modeling. When I turned 7, I did my first fashion show and I got to keep the clothes!!

BCKOnline: You can be seen in If I Knew You Were Coming as Little Tony. Tell us about this role. What was your favorite part about portraying Little Tony? 

Shelia’ Celine: Playing little Tony was such an awesome experience. The production was all female, the treats and food were really good, and I had the best time shooting my scene with my movie dad.

BCKOnline: You can be seen in The Last Hero as Shanice. Tell us about this role. What was your favorite part about portraying Shanice? 

Shelia’ Celine: My character Shanice, is a six year old girl who came from humble beginnings from Los Angeles. Sometimes she would not be able to eat because her family didn’t have enough money to get food. My favorite part playing this character is when I did my first scene. The reason is because it was really hard to play this scene. Shanice was supposed to be really sad and really hungry in this scene, but before I got to set I had an entire meal!! Being Shanice was also a very fun and educating role.

BCKOnline: What is the most valuable lesson that you have learned about being an actress.

Shelia’ Celine: A valuable lesson I learned about being an actress is that I have to practice and work hard no matter what the turnout is. Even though acting comes with pressure, I still work through that and then have fun later. 

Photo Credit: Ava Cantrell Photography

BCKOnline: As a model, you have walked in New York Fashion Week and have been published in numerous fashion magazines. Tell us what has been your favorite brand to work with so far? 

Shelia’ Celine: My Favorite brand I worked with so far is Slvia P. and Nia Dennis. Those two designers collaborated and made the prettiest leotards ever. It was probably the longest shoot I did, but it was super fun and I can’t wait to shoot with them again.

BCKOnline: Which brand is on your wish-list to work with and why?  

Shelia’ Celine: I really want to work with @shein. I get clothes from them all the time and their outfits are the bomb. I would definitely recommend it for fashionistas like me. 

BCKOnline: As a musician, you just released your first original song, “No Cap That’s Fact”. Tell us about this new release.

Shelia’ Celine: “NO CAP THATS FACT” is about everything that I do in my career. Modeling, Acting, Rapping every single thing in my career is 100% real and that’s what No Cap means —- real!!

BCKOnline: Where do you find inspiration for your music? 

Shelia’ Celine: I sometimes just come up with a good idea out of nowhere and put that idea to my song lyrics, but most of my inspiration and motivation comes from my mom. She is the main reason I make most of my music.

BCKOnline: You are also volunteer your time to work with Mighty Me. Tell us about this organization. Why is volunteering important to you? 

Shelia’ Celine: Volunteering is important to me because I am happy to help those kids in need, and I like making other children and their families happy.

BCKOnline: What can we expect next from you?

Up next, I have a new song coming out called “It’s a Celebration” and it is going to be releasing this month and I will also be dropping some new songs that’ll be coming out soon! Also, a couple of new magazine features as well, really looking forward to that. 

Congratulations, Shelia’ Celine on all of your amazing accomplishments so far. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you!
Photo Credit(s)/Featured Image: Ava Cantrell Photography.
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