Andre Robinson is truly one talented and versatile member of #younghollywood. The Cheaper By The Dozen star sat down to talk about his new movie and more in an exclusive BCKOnline interview, and we are glad that he did. Take a look at his answers below and make sure to follow this rising star because we are sure that you don’t want to miss one minute of his incredible journey. 


BCKOnline: How did you get started in the entertainment industry?

Andre Robinson: When I was six years old, my mom quit her job to stay home with me. Her friend, who managed children, encouraged her to put me in the entertainment industry and she decided to give it a try. Initially, as a kid, it was just fun. I didn’t even know I was “working!” Later, when I realized it was a profession, I knew I was born for this. Acting is my greatest passion.

BCKOnline: What is the most rewarding thing about being an actor?

Andre Robinson: The most rewarding part of being an actor is the professional actors and directors that I have the honor to work with and glean from. A few include Tom Kenny, Denzel Washington, Gabrielle Union, Zak Braff, Andrea Romano, and Gail Lerner.

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BCKOnline: You are in the new Disney+ movie, Cheaper by the Dozen, tell us about your character. How similar and different is he to your real personality?

Andre Robinson: My character is DJ. He’s loveable, super smart, and nerdy. Comic books, legos, and superheroes totally excite him. Although his biological father is rich and popular, he’s drawn to his stepfather who relates to him. I’m not nerdy at all, but I cherish my family like he does and I absolutely love comic books and superheroes. Marvel and Star Wars are my favorites.

BCKOnline: What has been your favorite moment on the set of Cheaper by the Dozen?

Andre Robinson: My favorite moment was initially when I met all the teens. We bonded immediately and instantly felt like family.

BCKOnline: What is the one thing that you hope audiences take away from the movie?

Andre Robinson: The dynamics of family and the importance of the familial unit, and that all parents can be present in the lives of their children in a blended family.

BCKOnline: What has been the best advice that you’ve gotten about being in the entertainment industry?

Andre Robinson: Rejection is not personal. My mom shielded me from rejection for years. She placed auditions, callbacks, and work in the same basket that I called “fun”. When I learned the true process and really desired certain roles, I’d think casting didn’t “like” me or my work. I now know that that is farthest from the truth. You just never know exactly what casting is looking for or the type of voice they’re after. This is what my parents instilled in me and is now my motto: “What God has for me will be mine.”

Photo Credit: Disney World

BCKOnline: If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing?

Andre Robinson: If I weren’t acting, I’d definitely be behind the scenes writing scripts and voice directing animation shows. That’s my ultimate goal.

BCKOnline: If you could write the perfect role for yourself, what would it be and why?

Andre Robinson: My perfect role would be any superhero in a Marvel movie. I’m a die-hard Marvel fan and superhero fiction is my favorite genre.

BCKOnline: What advice would you give to kids that would want to follow in your footsteps?

Andre Robinson: Go for it! And, DON’T GIVE UP no matter what. Enter the industry knowing that there’s a lot of rejection, but it’s not personal. There’s also a lot of rewards. If it’s your passion, pursue it and don’t let anyone discourage you.

BCKOnline: What is next for you?

Andre Robinson: Currently, I work behind the scenes with looping on two television series and various movies. Happily, I’ll be working with The Loud House again soon in a guest star role. I’m also waiting to hear if I booked a lead role in an animation film. I should find out soon. Fingers crossed!

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