Lance Alexander, a gifted young entertainer, has made a name for himself in popular series such as Netflix’s Family Reunion, Teachers (2016), and Raven’s Home (2017). Lance recently added author to his resume with his new book, “From Junk to Hunk”, which encourages young people to improve both their mental and physical health. In an exclusive interview with BCKOnline, the 18-year-old shares his thoughts on this exciting new project. Check it out below.


BCKONLINE: You have a new book on the market entitled, “From Junk to Hunk.” Tell us about your project.

LANCE ALEXANDER: “From Junk to Hunk” is a multifaceted project that will be implemented in stages. I formally launched the health and wellness campaign in September of this year, in honor of Childhood Obesity Month along with my new book, “From Junk to Hunk,” even though I began this journey more than two years ago. The book is just one element of a powerful movement that encourages youth and teens to seek healthy mental and physical health.

I want to convey to young people the essence of this movement, which is about getting rid of the “Junk” in our lives—the toxins and negativity that prevent us from achieving our objectives—and becoming a stronger, better version of ourselves, or “Hunks.” [“From Junk to Hunk”] makes the point that, if you put your mental health first, you can achieve any goal. Everything is truly possible when the mind is at the right place. I’m taking a step toward promoting holistic health by asking [young people] to focus on mental and physical health because this will produce the best versions of themselves. I am hoping this movement can lead to a healthier and more empowered generation. I want to change the perception among youth and teens that drinking, smoking, vaping, and engaging in risky behaviors is cool. I want to model behaviors that show “Healthy Is the New Cool.”

BCKONLINE: What was the most difficult part of writing this book?

LANCE ALEXANDER: The most difficult part was controlling the amount of content. I wanted the book to remain manageable in size, more like a road map than a novel. However, I also felt it was important to be honest and transparent about how I reached my weight loss goals which included changing some bad mental habits. In the early stages of writing, the book it was double in size. I worked hard to trim it because I knew my audience (young readers) may not stick with reading a volume on this subject. So, the most challenging part of writing the book was identifying the most critical elements I needed to share.

BCKONLINE: What is the one message that you want readers to take away from this project?

LANCE ALEXANDER: The main message I want readers to take away from my “From Junk to Hunk” project is the importance of prioritizing mental and physical health. I believe that transformation must start with the mind. My aim is to inspire young people to clear out negativity and toxicity from their lives, setting them on a path to become a stronger and better version of themselves. The key message is that by focusing on holistic health and well-being, you can achieve your goals and lead a healthier, more empowered life.

BCKONLINE: What are some of your favorite books to read?

LANCE ALEXANDER: One of my favorite books is “Lord of the Flies”. For general genre, I always love a good mystery book as well!

BCKONLINE: What’s the most surprising thing that you learned while writing your book?

LANCE ALEXANDER: In my experience, one of the most surprising things I learned while writing my book, “From Junk to Hunk,” was the importance of documenting progress within your goals. I realized that keeping records of my journey through pictures and journals was instrumental in maintaining my motivation and tracking my transformation. This documentation allowed me to look back and see the progress I had made, serving as a source of inspiration and a reminder of my “why.” It emphasized the significance of small steps adding up over time and encouraged me to keep moving forward. This can apply to any goal you have. Cherish the small wins.

BCKONLINE: As a first time-author, what important advice would you give to other first-time authors?

LANCE ALEXANDER: As a first-time author, the most important advice I would give to other first-time authors is to simply start. The right time will never just pop up so just put pen to paper and start creating your roadmap on the aspects you want to cover in the book and don’t hold out for the perfect conditions or inspiration to come. Setting smart goals is huge! Ask yourself how do I get from point A. to B. to C. Remember the story you have to tell just may be the one to save others, don’t delay start writing today.

BCKONLINE: Is there another book that we can expect soon?

LANCE ALEXANDER: I am in the early stages of laying out a companion workbook that facilitates a deeper dive into goal setting. The workbook will incorporate a 4-step method I developed called I.D.E.C.

BCKONLINE: Is there anything else that we can expect to see from you?

LANCE ALEXANDER: As a change-maker, I am fully committed to promoting mental and physical health among youth and teens, and this project is just the beginning of my mission. As I travel the country, I want to impact their behavior and mindset toward health and wellness. In addition to traveling to all fifty states, visiting Boys and Girls Clubs, I plan to continue writing, developing curricula, speaking, and community outreach, to inspire others who work with youth to join the movement by encouraging young people to live healthier lives. I want to make “From Junk to Hunk” a household name. When people speak of health and wellness, I want this brand to lead the way!


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