If there is one thing celebrities do well it’s bewilder the public with strange and unusual baby names. Perhaps their own eccentricities dictate this, perhaps it’s their desire to set themselves and their families apart. Whatever the case, all of us are often left thinking… “how do I respond to this?”


Love them or hate them, here are six baby names that threw many people out there for a loop.

  1. Blue Ivy– Parented by Beyonce and Jay-Z, this little girl has known the spotlight since before she could open her eyes. Like most celeb babies, people all around the world fell in love with her pretty instantly, but the name choice remains odd. The choice “Blue” may be inspired by the book A Field Guide to Getting Lost, and some have speculated that “Ivy” is representative of the I and V that make up the Roman numeral for four, significant to the couple who wed on April 4th.
  2. Titan Jewell – Following in the footsteps of her former Destiny’s Child co-member, Kelly Rowland chose a stand-out name for her son, born just this month. As of yet there has been no explanation on the name, so for now it will have to be attributed to the eccentricities of celebrity culture.
  3. North West – This might sound like a joke, but you can be assured that it is 100% real. Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian must have found the name choice clever, and since the baby is destined for stardom anyways, why not? Kim’s mother has stated that “North” was chosen because it is the highest point which is how the couple feel about being together.
  4. Royal Reign – Again, no formal explanation has been given about the name of Lil’ Kim’s and Mr. Papers’ daughter. Since Lil’ Kim has always had a flare for the dramatic though, it was not all that surprising to hear she had dubbed her own child royal.
  5. Heaven Love’on and God’Iss Love – Lil Mo gave birth to two daughters during her first marriage to Al Stone. After giving them what would seem to be the most bizarrely creative names possible she had apparently got it out of her system. Her second husband gave her two sons, to whom she gave nearly boring names: Justin and Jonah.
  6. King Cairo – More up-and-coming royalty, this little boy was named by proud parents Tyga and Blac Chyna. The two had a fledging romance that has recently come to a pause. But at least they got a King out of it, and is he ever adorable.

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