Sofia has quickly gone from being the little Richie girl no one knew about, to the buzz of pop culture. A burgeoning modelling career put the youngster on the map, and since then she has become the very picture of teen celebrity along with her constant partner, Kylie Jenner. At just 16, Sofia has become the talk of the biz — and she hasn’t even started working on her album yet.


Blue blooded fashionista and, as Flaunt Magazine described her, head of the “bubble-gum, blue-haired, teen-socialite movement” — Sofia is all the rage.

Flaunt’s quick Q&A with the princess of pop culture revealed that she is already settled nicely in to her role in the spotlight. Although, she did describe the amount of paparazzi at New York Fashion Week as “chaos!” But bending over and ripping the skirt she was about to model took the prize for the week’s most insane moment.

In preparation for her future music career Sofia has been training with the renowned vocal coach Tim Carter and had only great things to say. “Tim Carter is just so amazing. He’s different than any other vocal coach. He knows how to perfect the tone and doesn’t make you sound like another artist. That’s hard to find with a vocal couch. He takes you all the way up the scale, he pushes you past your limit.” But of course he’s not the first musical influence in her life.

Having lionel Richie as a father means growing up in a soulful household. He’s even been teaching Sofia to play piano since she was little. And if having a father who is a musical legend is not enough, there’s always his equally legendary friends like Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones who Sofia has been able to learn a great lesson from: “The most massive artists in the world are humble,” she explained.

Indeed, Sofia has grown up in special circumstances, surrounded by very special people. She has on numerous accounts stated that she looks up to big sister Nicole and even noted that she can go to her for advice, or clothes. Meanwhile the Richie house seems full of love and laughs; after all, Sofia admits they are a bunch of pranksters. “We’ll put Saran wrap on the toilet! If my brother pees it comes back at him! We’ll put, like, glue on his floor! It varies to certain degrees.”

It’s safe to say the world will not soon tire of Sofia, and is looking entirely forward to hearing her music.

Photo: Flaunt

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