Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson is truly more than an NFL star. The NFL quarterback recently sat down with For(bes) The Culture to talk his new clothing line, Ciara, fatherhood and more.


Last month, Wilson gave the world a look at his new signature clothing line, 3BRAND, at the opening of the new Rookie USA Flagship Store.

“As a young kid, I used to dream about playing in the pros. I would do the Michael Jordan crossover move wearing his shoes. The biggest reason I wanted to create 3BRAND was for my fans to have my gear and for them to be able to experience everything I’ve dreamed about,” Wilson said in his interview.

He continued, “I was fortunate enough to create this logo and be part of the process behind creating 3BRAND. The number 3 means so much to me. 3BRAND represents the mind, body, and soul. I live 3 things everyday of my life – sports, music, and fashion. Ciara and I have three children, and it’s my football number.”

Check out what else Wilson had to say below in addition to talking about his clothing line:

For(bes) The Culture: What was the significance of your clothing line being modeled by celebrity kids, who so happen to be your friends and colleagues as well?

Russell Wilson: I think you want to be able to share the brand. We want to make this a global brand for all dreamers. We have a lot of friends and colleagues who represent hard work, success, and dreaming and we wanted to invite them to be part of this moment with us. At the end of the day, we want this brand to represent what it means to be a kid and have fun. To have our friends support us is a blessing.

For(bes) The Culture: How do you balance the duties of an entrepreneur while being a father, husband and athlete?

Wilson: I think when you have a great support system. Ciara, Future, Sienna, and Win make life super balanced and amazing everyday. When you’re trying to be successful and the best in the world at what you do, it’s very difficult to have balance. It’s all about quality time and you have to put 100% into it. I’ve been fortunate to put 100% into my marriage, my family, and my career. This is why I get to be on that stage introducing 3BRAND with an amazing support system behind me. I’m creating 3BRAND with the hopes that one day my kids can continue to enjoy running this brand and make a difference in the world.

For(bes) The Culture: During the pandemic, how did you have to shift your entrepreneurial mindset and adjust your business model?

Wilson: During the pandemic, the whole world shut down and a lot of people faced challenges and hardships. That’s why we thought it was necessary to make a difference in this space. It was a big reason why we launched LR&C and Human Nation, alongside the Good Man Brand, which is founded upon principles of community and inclusivity while directly giving back a portion of proceeds back to charity. The pandemic made us become more heightened of our surroundings and showed us why we needed to make a difference together. Instead of slowing down, we decided to accelerate our process with 3BRAND. I was very fortunate to put my time and energy into working with Haddad and their amazing creative team. I’m excited to go back to fuller stadiums with fans across all sports, but I also want to remember all the lessons and principles we learned during the pandemic. I want 3BRAND to be a representation of the positive values I hope many of us now hold dear.

For(bes) The Culture: Why donate 3% of proceeds to Why Not You Foundation, and what is the importance of giving back?

Wilson: The number 3 has always been a significant number in my life. I learned from my mom and dad that it’s important to give back. With Ciara, that was an important lesson we wanted to teach our kids and make sure it’s part of everything we do. The Haddad family understood that and was happy to partner with us in this way. Kids will have a rewarding experience knowing that with their purchase they’re giving back to the community.

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