Kevin Mccall says that he hasn’t seen his daughter with Eva Marcille, Marley Rae, in years. In a tearful video message, the musician told his followers that “he won’t be talking to nobody for awhile”. The dad of two further explained in his caption that he is “not himself” because he misses his kids. In addition to Marley, Kevin has a daughter named Jenesis from a previous relationship.

He begins, “God bless. Forgive me everyone. I want to be around. I want to work. Collab etc. But I’m not myself when I don’t have my kids. It’s been 6 years and I’ve been working harder than ever. COVID 19 was everyone’s excuse this year to not do their job. The system failed my children and I have to deal with this feeling daily. I don’t want to see or talk to any of you, because you aren’t my child. If you can’t do that, all u can do is pray and not bother me until you have understanding about a fathers bond to his children. So before you tell me you’ve been thru something like me, remember this once you have kids they should always be able to receive your love and affection and Support.”


Eva Marcille has full custody of Marley Rae while Kevin has no visitation rights. The RHOA star also recently changed her daughter’s last name from McCall to her husband Michael Sterling’s last name.

“The system failed us,” McCall continues. “Marley hasn’t seen her grand parents in 6 years , Jenesis in 2 or 3 years. It’s not about anything I ever did or the rest of my family would see my little girls. It’s all out of spite. Eva helped me get Jenesis when Her mother was upset I dated a top model and fled the stated with my child out of jealousy of the model. Then the “model” saw that nothing she could do or say mattered to me…my only weakness was Marley. What else could she do to me? Put me on child support? Nope she couldn’t do that because I was around. So she followed the paperwork from Jenny mom and figured by the time people figure he never did any of these things, it’ll already be too late. I’m just making sure I don’t F nobody up because that makes the other people look like they are right. But imagine  if the world believed a terrible lie about you (that you beat women) you would get a little upset sometimes too.”

He concludes, “Most of you would kill yourself if you had people FORCE society to dislike you…and most of society not even fact check and just spread more lies about you, then make people use those lies to legitimize people attacking you because they wish they could control you. Luckily my 1st Bm has NO clout or yal would think I was 1000 x worse lol then yal act like I wasn’t the one who left BOTH my Bms (because they aren’t women of God) and I know I did right because women of God wouldn’t go out of the way to lie on me. Watch how many women who with daddy issues or Baby daddy issues, ignore facts.”

Eva Marcille gave birth to Marley Rae on January 31, 2014. The America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) Season 3 winner ended her relationship with her daughter’s father several months later. In May of this year, Marcille shared why she has kept her daughter away from her biological father, a.k.a. “the donor.”

“I know that a few of the ladies on this screen are victims of abuse,” Eva said during Sunday’s Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion episode. “It was one of those things where I had definitely seen [the] signs before,” Marcille explained. “I don’t know why I was naive enough to think that it wouldn’t be me. I told no one until he beat me so bad that I couldn’t help it. The police officer, when he came to the house, said, ‘You have to press charges.’ I finally did.”

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