Saving money is something that is unquestionably on the top of every mom’s list. Trying to make ends meet and budget for diapers, food, school supplies, clothing, and more while still having enough left over to contribute to the kids college fund can become somewhat of a juggling art form.

Here are a few money saving hacks to help you put some extra bucks back into the bank.


1. When heading out, leave your money at home. Getting out of the house with children is a must; however, it can also be expensive. Solution: simply, leave your money at home. You can have free-fun with the kids. Pack a snack and take them to the park for a picnic, go to the playground, find out when your local museum has “free-day” and take advantage of it. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have fun.

2. Eat at home. Eating at home saves exponentially for families. Cooking can be something to get the entire family involved from grocery shopping to setting the table to actually preparing the food. Skip the regular grocery store and stock up on bulk instead. And of course, take advantage of coupons and sales. Save eating out for a monthly special event or special occasions. Added bonus: you can prepare food just the way you like it!

3. Skip buying and rent. Most kids love to play video games and we all know that they tend to cost a small fortune. No worries, there are ways to save a buck and put a smile on your kids faces all in one. There are many services now-a-days that rent video games and when they get boring, all you do is ship them back and get the latest thing in return. Additionally, you can also borrow books, audio books, movies, magazines, etc. all at your local library for, wait for it, free!

4. Start saving for college now. With all of the extra money that you will save, you can put more towards your child’s college education sooner. Several states offer a 529 plan to help you save. You can invest after-tax dollars now so that you can withdraw the funds, plus interest, later. The tax-free money can be used for qualifying education expenses, such as tuition, books, and other class necessities. The best part of the qualified tuition program is that you can set up a profile for your kids which allows family and friends to donate funds as well!

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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