Kimora Lee-Simmons is a savvy businesswoman and devoted mother of three children. The president recently sat down with TheCelebrityCafe to talk about everything from motherhood to her new product line.


On her skincare line called Shinto Clinical.

“This line is really interesting because it’s an anti-aging line. I wanted to create it because it addresses things I need in my life right now. I like some of my finer beauty treatments in life, but I don’t necessarily have time. Other people don’t necessarily have all of the money that they want to spend or the time. I want a beauty treatment, system, whatever you want to call it, that works double time. That is what we’ve created with Shinto. I’s east meets west so it has all of you’re eastern botanicals like kelp and pearl powder, and it combines it with western science and technology. So, the efficacy and product itself is just really amazing. And again it’s anti-aging and that’s what I need in my life right now. I want a lot of bang for my buck. I want don’t want to spend a lot on a cream that over-promises and under delivers. I juggle a lot of things and my skin care has to be able to keep up with me.”

Motherhood and character traits she’d like to pass on.

“I think [motherhood is] always about doing the best that you can. I don’t ever claim to be, or feel bad that I’m not, supermom or some figure like that. It’s okay. I think you should do the best that you can and usually that’s pretty darn good. I prioritize and my family always comes first. I have a great team of people around me that support me. A small team, but I feel like we just kind of get it done. And when I run into women all over the world, and literally wherever I am – getting off a plane, people see me, families, and women, and business people. They all want to stop and tell a story or tell you why they watch your show. I feel like we all go through things and that’s also a part of what makes the show so entertaining. I probably go through them a little bit different. The pattern of my life being in fashion is a little different in that respect. But when it comes to the juggling, and the madness, and the kids, and all the responsibilities, I think everyone understands that. I think I am very honest. That probably is also one of my character flaws. I’m very honest and also I’m a Taurus, so I give it to you kind of straight. You know what I’m thinking or saying. You don’t have to second-guess it. I’m very blunt. I think that’s very helpful particularly for a woman in the business. I’m very caring. When you interact with a team of people it’s really the whole engine of how the system works. I think that’s very important and taking care of all those individual pieces. Those are the kinds of things I would want to pass on – determination, strength, honesty, and a concern for people.”

What is success?

“Well, I don’t know. That’s a good question. I feel like I’ve been successful when maybe the work that I’ve done in the world impacts people in different ways. When people say, oh I read your book and it changed my life. Or, I saw your show and it inspired me to do this for myself, start this business or get out of a bad relationship. These are all things that people have told me. I think it’s all about levels of inspiration and how we reach people. I think that’s a big measure of success how you can reach other people. Because that’s kind of the heart of the fabric that weaves us all together.”



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