Rapper Snoop Dogg has been busy promoting his tenth studio album Malice ‘N’ Wonderland. Recently, the rap veteran sat down with FuseTv as well as StarPulse to talk about his music, his family and much more.


On not hiding anything from kids:

“I have never hidden anything from my kids. I have always been able to express myself to them of who their daddy is so they won’t have to go read a book and find out the truth about who their father was. They know i am ex-banger, drug-dealer, wanna be  pimp. They know about how i cheated on their mother and wanted to get a divorce because they heard it from me directly. That’s why me and my relationship with my kids is about us being friends because sometimes a father can scare a kid, but a friend is always going to be there.”(Fuse Tv)

On the most important thing to him:

My wife and my kids. I love my wife and my kids.

On temptation and family:

“When you’re faced with so much temptation. It looks so good. It’s like Adam and Eve, you know what I’m saying? That apple looked good to bite and once you bite it, you realize there is a snake in there. And you really don’t want to deal with that, as opposed to knowing what I had at home, which was a loving woman who loved me and my kids. Who loved me and loved my kids. I wanted that feeling.” (Fuse TV)

On how he keeps up with changing trends in music:

Well, I’m thankful I’ve got kids first of all. I’ve got some hip kids. They listen to everything from Joss Stone, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift. So, with hip kids at home, I tend to want to stay in contact with them and find out what gets them going, then I want to figure out how I can get on their ipods, and what I have to do to stay relevant. Then I’v got my football league. I’ve got over 5,000 kids in my league, and they’re always dancin’ and rockin’ out to new music, letting me know what’s hip and hot.

On the impact his peewee football league team has had in his life:

To me when I couch these kids in football and see them go to high school and take a high school football team that wasn’t winning and become winners because of the kids in my league, that were coached by me, inspired by me, that to me is bigger than any award because I’m saving lives, I’m changing lives giving hope to some kids who basically could’ve been another gang member, another drug dealer, becoming young men, becoming disciplined and doing the right things with their lives, making their mothers and fathers proud, breaking the chain, trying to give back I do it for the result. That means the world to know that kid has a chance to become a young man and something in life.

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