Rev Run and Justine Simmons, of reality television show Run’s House, want you to “raise respectful and loving kids”. As parents of six kids, the husband and wife team certainly know a thing or two about raising children. The following is an excerpt from Justine and Rev’s latest book, Take Back Your Family: How to Raise Respectful and Loving Kids in a Dysfunctional World:


“If this book can serve any purpose in your life, hopefully it will be as a reminder that there’s truly nothing out there that you can’t take your family back from. Drugs aren’t that strong. Drinking isn’t that strong. The TV isn’t that strong. The video games aren’t that strong.

The peer pressure isn’t that strong. The rappers, the rock stars, and the cover girls aren’t that strong. The dudes on the corner aren’t that strong. Your family’s dysfunctional history isn’t that strong… You can take back your family from whatever or whoever has gotten too much control over it. And when you are finally back in the driver’s seat, and God’ is your navigator, there’s no limit to how far your family can go, and how much fun you can have along the way!”

While they admit that they are not the “perfect” parents-take for example their older son being arrested for possession of marijuana this year-, Rev Run and his wife say they know the secrets to having a successful family.

Take Back Your Family: A Challenge to America's Parents (Hardcover)-$16.09

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