A woman can not raise a man child”, says actress Tichina Arnold in one of her latest blog posts. Read below as Tichina tells us why she feels that a woman can not be both a mother and a father to her son:


It’s kind of crazy, but I get more calls on FATHERS Day than I do on Mothers Day. As proud as those calls make me feel, it also reminds me that I will NEVER be able to be Alijah’s father no matter how hard I try. Even though I wanted a boy when I found out I was pregnant…. boy oh boy (pardon the pun), am I grateful for having a girl. I am a little more knowledgeable of what it takes to raise a woman because I AM a woman, but all of my single mom friends who are raising boys, have a completely different struggle than I. I do not believe that a woman can raise a man child the same way she can raise a female child. She at times, has to try and THINK like a man. She can only teach him what she has learned and what she will and will not tolerate and leave the rest in God’s hands.

All you single moms raising young men out there, please don’t get mad at my next statement, but It takes a MAN to raise a MAN! We as single moms can only do the best we can, with the tools we got. I am definitely going to blog more in detail about women raising men at a later date..


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