Serena Williams is reporting after eight months of breastfeeding. The tennis legend recently took to TikTok, letting fans know that she is officially done with breastfeeding, but there is one annoying side effect that is still lingering.


I am finished breastfeeding… 😳🤨🫠 and “they” are still hanging out #foryourpage #life #serenawilliams #fyp #real #workingmom #momsoftiktok

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The mother-of-two captioned her seven second video, “I am finished breastfeeding… and “they” are still hanging out. #foryourpage #life #serenawilliams #fyp #real #workingmom #momsoftiktok.”

If you haven’t guessed yet, the “side effect” that Williams is referring to is that her breasts are still large and possibly still producing milk.

In previous interviews with, both wp-signup.phped nurse and International Board-certified lactation consultant Marsha Walker, RN, IBCLC and Dr. Constance M. Chen, board-certified plastic surgeon and breast reconstruction specialist weighed-in on why women experience the same symptoms as Williams shortly after finishing their breastfeeding journey.

Walker told the outlet that, “… it may take some time for your milk production to decrease following the end of breastfeeding. This can make your breasts feel full or engorged.”

Dr. Chen added to the conversation saying that, “[A woman’s] breasts may not ever go back to their pre-baby form.”

“During pregnancy, your breasts are engorged with milk during pregnancy, and then involute after breastfeeding ends. Throughout this process, the breast skin stretches, and breast skin usually does not snap back completely. For this reason, older women will usually have more fatty breasts, and the breasts may also be more droopy, especially if they have had pregnancies and breastfed children.”

Williams shares her almost one-year-old daughter, Adira, and six-year-old daughter, Olympia, with husband, Alexis Ohanian.

In addition to all that is on her plate, Williams is ensuring that women at every stage in life know that they are and feel beautiful with the drop of her latest venture, a new beauty line, WYN Beauty.

In a recent interview with Byrdie, the 23 time Grand Slam Champion explained that the line “… evolved from my lifelong passion for makeup, and the entire collection is authentic to who I am — from the clean formulas to the inspiring shade names to the chartreuse packaging that pays homage to my career in tennis. ”

“My personal best has changed over the years, and WYN Beauty is the next evolution of my beauty journey.”



Photo: Serena Williams TikTok

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