Laura Coates is probably one of the most recognized and hard-working multi-faceted professionals on television and beyond. Recently, in an interview with, Coates opened up and shared how she juggles career, kids, and makes it a priority to secure her “me time”.

As a CNN anchor and legal analyst, author, attorney, daily host of her own Sirius XM radio show, The Laura Coates Show, for two hours every weekday, it is evident that Coates works, as she comments in her interview, from “… sun up to sundown.” However, in spite of her busy schedule, she has found a “coincidental” groove in life to accomplish it all.


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“I feel like I have a level of control over how I structure my day, but that’s not coincidental,” she said in her interview. “I have had to fight very hard to be unapologetic about the time that I need to restore and be attentive, not only to my children and my husband and my family and friends, but also to myself.”

Like many working mothers, Coates makes it a priority to multi-task her time in order to be a “hands-on” mom. If that happens in the middle of an important work call, then so be it.

“They’re getting ready for school, they’re popping in, they’re sitting down. I’m braiding my daughter’s hair, oftentimes, in the middle of interviews doing the whole mute button like, ‘Girl, sit. Shh,’ And she’s so tender-headed, and at the same time I’m saying, ‘Yes, senator. That’s a very important question you just asked,’” she said.

Coates isn’t all alone in having to manage both career and family. Thankfully, she has her village for support.

“My husband, full stop, is an equal partner who really believes in me … There is a lot of give and take, and he certainly does his more than fair share, and then it switches. When he needs, I give. When I need, he gives.”

In addition to her husband, Coates is also able to depend on her two sisters and retired parents when needed.

Even though the 43-year-old has found her special groove to balance it all, she admits that she does experience a certain level of “mommy guilt” because she grew up watching her parents, who had busy jobs and still managed to be present.

Coates shares two children with husband Dale Gordon, son Adrian, 11, and daughter Sydney, 9.

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