Ice T’s wife, Coco Austin, has come under fire from social media warriors for sharing a video of ther daughter Chanel playing beer pong.

Austin posted the video of her, her daughter, and sisters playing the game on Instagram captioning the post, “Chanel’s hidden talent apparently…#she’sgoskills.”



In the video, you can hear Austin and her sisters cheering as the second-grader makes “four [shots] in a row” as she tosses a ping pong ball with ease into multi-colored solo cups. With each nailed shot, you can hear Austin cheering, and at one point exclaiming, “How is this possible?”

The video continues with Chanel’s family and friends giving her a high-five and you hear Austin say, “I can’t even get one.” And then says to her daughter, who is smiling at her accomplishment, “No one can beat you in a drinking game. They will lose!”

Knowing the rules quite well, Chane then orders her mom to, “Take a shot now.”

Austin replies, “Oh, thank you for reminding me,” and what we assume she obliges, taking her four shots off camera.

Although there were some social media users defending the Los Angeles native’s quality time with her daughter saying that the round of beer pong was a truly innocent way for her to “practice agility and skill,” there were others that criticized Austin for allowing her daughter to play this particular adult game that centers around drinking alcohol.

One person wrote, “… really you taught her how to play beer bong? Something is wrong with all the adults in this video!! This is a prime example of what adults shouldn’t do. You keep kids in a kid’s place in adults in adult places. I need You’ll two to grow up… And raise her right because this aint it?”

Another commented, “If normal everyday parents were to do this with their children and post it to their social media account you can bet social services would be there in a hot second to take their children away from the parents.”

One Instagram user just thought that teaching an eight-year-old how to play beer pong is just “weird.”

“Ok, this is weird. Why u teaching ur 7 yr old how to play beer pong?”

What do you think? Too much, or just having fun?

Chanel Nicole is the youngest daughter of rapper/actor Ice T and Coco Austin.


Photo Credit: Coco Austin Instagram; Chanel Nicole Instagram

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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