Former The Real co-hosts Adrienne Bailon-Houghton and Jeannie Mai Jenkins recently had an unforgettable playdate with their kids. 

On Wednesday, Jeannie Mai took to Instagram to share the details of the heartwarming meetup with her followers. She recounted how she and Adrienne Bailon decided to reunite at the location where they had spent a decade working together.


“Recently Ade and I were in LA to FINALLY have our kids meet FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME…and of course we had to meet at the place we called home for the past 10 years, @therealdaytime. We shared a journey like no other, and now dancing with our little ones, I’m reminded of our own crazy selves backstage,” she began.

She continued, “Best part- we get to celebrate little @EverJames first birthday!!! 🎂 Here’s to our intertwined lives and to these two sweet souls creating their own story forEVER. Happiest First Birthday precious #EverJamesHoughton (Ever’s face on last slide is ME OVER HOW THIS SH** TURNED OUT SINCE SEASON 1 LIKE WHAAAAAA??”

Both Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon-Houghton  embarked on unique and inspiring journeys to motherhood. Jeannie’s path was a transformative one, as she initially questioned her if motherhood was for her. With the support of her husband, rapper Jeezy, she found her way to embracing the role, welcoming her daughter Monaco Mai Jenkins in January 2022.

Adrienne, on the other hand, had always dreamt of becoming a mother. Her steadfast desire to nurture and care for a child led her and her husband, Israel Houghton, to welcome their son Ever James, in August 2022 via a surrogate.

One Instagram follower aptly captured the essence of the playdate, highlighting the remarkable evolution of the two women’s lives.

The commenter wrote, “Oh my God my heart cannot take this … To think that for years Jeannie could not picture herself being a mother but that on the flip side all Adrienne wanted was to be a mother. Now they are BOTH MOTHERS. It honestly makes me feel so emotional for the both of them, they have come such a long way in the journey they have been on together to both end up with their own little slice of a heaven – a forever family. And they are also both like sisters too, sharing such a huge chapter of their lives together on The Real and now basically being an auntie to each other’s kids! So freaking precious and I wish them nothing but health, happiness and success for the future “

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