If you haven’t heard her name by now, pay close attention because iCarly star Jaidyn Triplett is proving that she is unquestionably a multi-hyphenated talent, making her mark on #younghollywood. Recently, the young rising star has expanded her universe to include music, and she has just dropped her music video for her debut single, “BOPSTAR.”

“‘BOPSTAR’ was a really fun song to vibe to in the studio. I knew that this song was gonna be a bop for kids my age,” Jaidyn commented about the song to JustJaredJr.com.


Alongside Jaidyn in the music her father her father Joshua and her sister Jordyn also make a debut. In addition to the Tripletts, Snowfall‘s Nathan Davis Jr. also puts in an appearance.


Jaidyn started out her career starring in national commercials and then slowly made her way into television and film. Some of her previous projects included: The Affair (Showtime), Station 19 (ABC), Black-ish (ABC), Family Reunion (Netflix) and in feature films such as Major Deal and A Stone Cold Christmas.

Currently, Jaidyn is starring on the Paramount+ revival of the hit Nickelodeon television show, iCarly, which is currently streaming season 3.

If you missed it, Jaidyn sat down with BCKOnline a while back to talk about the iCarly reboot and more in an exclusive interview. Check out a snippet of what she had to say below.

BCKOnline: How did you get started in the entertainment industry?

Jaidyn Triplett: My dad has been acting for a long time and one day when he came home he heard me repeating lines from his audition. He then noticed that I was really good at learning/memorizing lines even before knowing how to read. I’ve been in the industry ever since and it’s been the time of my life. [I have] worked on some great projects and met so many amazing people.

BCKOnline: What is most rewarding about being an actor?

Jaidyn Triplett: I think being able to meet sweet and experienced people who genuinely love what they do. During the time that I’ve been acting, I’ve learned so much from those l have met on set.

BCKOnline: You play Millicent in the new iCarly, tell us about your character. How similar and different is she to your real personality?

Jaidyn Triplett: Millicent is Freddie’s step daughter from his last marriage. I was featured in one of my favorite episodes during season one that explained more of my back story. I enjoyed having the audience get to see why she is the way she is. She is smart, strong willed, and very independent. She is a business women already who knows how to get what she wants. We have a lot in common, although I tell people she is my alter ego. She has the best one liners though. I love it.

BCKOnline: What has been your favorite moment on the set of iCarly?

Jaidyn Triplett: There are so many fun times but my favorite may be the pranks and stuff. With COVID it can be hard to really connect so we find time to really enjoy each other when we are not filming. There have been times where I may accidentally skip a step in the scene or prank Jerry and it’s so funny! I think all the bloopers and little pranks we pull are the best part of when the cameras are not on. Jerry, who’s like 7 foot 8 😅 will put my phone behind the set at about his height so l can’t find it. We all love each other immensely and the pranks are our way of saying that.

To read the remainder of Jaidyn’s interview, click here. Make sure to head over to Jaidyn’s social media to pre-save, “BOPSTAR,” because we have a feeling that it is going to be one of 2023’s summer hits!


Photo Credit(s)/Featured Image: Jaidyn Triplett Instagram

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