"That's Not Love, Sweetie"

Erica Dixon and her daughter, Emani Richardson, are going at it online with Scrappy’s wife, Bambi. The mother-daughter duo exchanged verbal blows on Thursday (Apr. 20) after Bambi shared an old police report alleging child abuse on Erica’s part.


“The reason why I never liked your a*s is because since your child was eight years old she confided in me about you bullying her and two-piecing her a*s,” Bambi told Erica in an Instagram Story post. “I let people think otherwise and never spoke up because Scrapp was handling it with the court and she was underage,” the Love and Hip Hop (LHH) star shared.

“But b*tch f*ck you! It’s up,” Bambi told Erica. “And here is one incident report of many,” the LHH star said in reference to the police report she shared with social media fans. “Now pipe TF down and show some respect to that lady that consoled your baby after you busted her sh*t all those times,” Bambi told Erica.

Although Bambi accused Erica of using her “grown child for a Love and Hip Hop storyline,” neither Erica nor Emani was deterred from their mission.

“I’m going Live because it’s crazy to me how you’re still on these abuse allegations, Bambi,” Erica told Bambi in a video message. “You and Scrappy tried to have my kids taken from me,” Dixon revealed. “Like I said [before], y’all are miserable people. You still are miserable,” Erica told Bambi.

“You’re so bothered by me, love, and I guess you’re going to continue to be [bothered],” the celebrity mom shared. “And I get it,” Erica added. “If I wasn’t me, I’d be bothered by me too. But here’s the thing: anybody can make a police report. I can do a police report now and say I saw bruises and sh*t on Emani. It’s a police report. But what you need to post is the paperwork from the whole investigation. Because I went through everything. I ain’t got nothing to hide. My kids are well taken care of.”

Emani confirmed that her mom was an excellent caregiver with a social media post of her own. “[Bambi] posted a paper of when I got in trouble because I was being smart and my mama popped me. That’s nothing. Read the whole thing. That is nothing,” the young adult said.

“Second of all, let’s tell the truth about how my sister’s hair was falling out because you wasn’t (sic) even washing her hair or bathing her properly,” Emani revealed. “You can’t even watch all three of your kids by yourself. You need my dad and a nanny to be with you, or your mama [to be with you] 24/7. So let’s not talk about parenting,” the young adult advised.

“Me and my siblings are very well taken care of, and my mama goes 100 percent for all of us,” Emani said to Bambi and all of social media. “I don’t have to stay in a child’s place because I’m 18 [years old],” Scrappy and Erica’s daughter told Bambi.

“You’re not going to keep speaking on my part or my mama’s part,” Emani declared. “You cannot love me as a child if you go around making diss tracks about my father [and] talking about my mama. You don’t have no respect, you don’t love me, none of that. So cut it out. You don’t love nothing. You don’t love nothing. Because if you loved me, you wouldn’t be online doing all [of] this. This ain’t love, sweetie.”

Emani is Erica Dixon’s only child with Lil Scrappy. She celebrated her eighteenth birthday a few weeks ago. Erica Dixon has three kids in all. Lil Scrappy and Bambi have three kids – Breland, Xylo, and Cali – together.

Photo: Erica Dixon /Instagram



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