DJ Sophia Rocks, as she says on her official Instagram account, is truly the “Youngest in Charge” when it comes to showing off her incredible skills as she rocks the party on the turntables. Recently, the young DJ sat down for an exclusive interview to talk about just how she became a 14-year-old DJ phenomenon. 


But, before we get into the “how,” let’s take a trip back to the beginning. According to her official website, Dj Sophia Rocks started to show an interest in learning to DJ at the age of two and started performing professionally by the time she was six, with the motivation to do what she loves while making people smile.

Dj Sophia Rocks plays all genres of music and unquestionably represents for female DJs all over the world. The talented young DJ has played alongside or opened up for Erykah Badu, The Lost Boyz, DJ Aktive, D-Nice, Kid Capri, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Suss One, among others. She is part of the Wild Tight Collective which includes Erykah Badu. Sophia has also proudly worked with the Black Girls Rock organization. DJ Sophia Rocks is also the youngest DJ to mix for Sway in the Morning Show and Rock The Bells Radio on SiriusXM radio. Sophia is currently a Rane DJ artist.

Recently, while showing off her skills on Rock The Bells, DJ Sophia Rocks opened up about making a name for herself. Take a look at a few highlights of what she had to say below.

DJ Sophia Rocks on how being a DJ is in her blood

My dad is a DJ. I used to be in the same room as him, and we have a keyboard in there, so I used to play on the keyboard and, you know, I would always be in the room with the music, and I would just dance to some of the music. I was getting pretty good at some stuff for a two-year-old, so I started practicing every day with my dad, and my dad and mom realized I had a talent for it, and that’s when I started getting really serious.

DJ Sophia Rocks on her first paid gig at six-years-old and how everyone wanted her autograph

It was a glow party, and that’s when I knew I wanted to keep going, I wanted to keep practicing, I wanted to keep DJing, like, forever. [When fans asked for her autograph…] And I was like, ‘This is my first event; I didn’t expect to be giving an autograph,” Sophia explains. “Somehow, my dad managed to catch it all on camera.”

DJ Sophia Rocks truly became a household name during the beginning of the pandemic as we were all locked down in our homes. During her Instagram live performances, she caught the eye of artists like D-Nice and Chris Brown. She was soon crowned “Club Quarantine Princess” by Hip-Hop fans during the pandemic.

D-Nice, when I went on his platform, that boosted everything. I got a lot of new followers from that, a lot of people saw me, and plus, it was cool to go live on someone else’s platform that has a mass following. And it was definitely cool to see all the love and respect that everyone gave me on their page. I got even known as the Club Quarantine Princess.

DJ Sophia on seeing females entering a male dominated field 

DJ-ing is a male dominant sport. There are not many female DJs, but seeing them no[w] start to come out, it’s like an automatic respect because it’s like, ‘Wow, I see you in me,’ and I know they see me in them, because we’re both doing the same thing, we’re both killing it in the game, and we’re both doing it as female DJs.

DJ Sophia Rocks is truly the personification of #blackgirlmagic and beyond. To read the remainder of her interview, click here. And of course, this goes without saying…if you aren’t following every move of DJ Sophia Rocks, what are you waiting for? 

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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