New Year’s Day is a time for starting a new and looking ahead to what you would like to change and accomplish for the new year. According to the experts, this is also the perfect time for kids to learn how to make New Year’s Resolutions of their own. Below are some examples of New Year’s Resolutions for kids and families that can help you get off on the right foot for 2022.

New Year’s Resolutions for Preschoolers (ages 3-5)


“Parents can start talking to children about goals by looking at goals the child has already accomplished,” said Lauren Mosback, LPC, NCC, a Philadelphia-based licensed professional counselor who specializes in child and teen mental health in an interview with “Do they brush their teeth? Can they ride a bike? Have they learned how to tie their shoes? Can they swim? Find something they have already accomplished and talk to them about the steps it took to get there and how good they felt when they achieved that goal.”

Examples of Resolutions for Preschoolers ages 3-5

  • I will put away my toys after playing with them.
  • I will share my toys with siblings and friends.
  • I will use my words to express my feelings.
  • I will go to bed without putting up a fight.
  • I will always say thank you when someone gives or hands me something.
  • I’ll at least try a bite of new foods.
  • I will practice writing my name every day.

New Year’s Resolutions for Elementary students/Tweens (ages 6-12)

“The most important factor in creating goals is to not have the focus around something that is wrong or fixing a problem,” said Mosback. “The focus should be on adding more meaning and value to your life and on the process of reaching a goal. This mindset promotes more mindful decision-making, which allows the focus to remain in the present, rather than only the future outcomes.”

Examples of Resolutions for Elementary students/Tweens ages 6-12

  • I will eat more green vegetables with dinner.
  • I will set myself a savings goal for my allowance.
  • I will brush my teeth and floss twice a day.
  • I will read for at least 30 minutes every day.
  • I will find an activity or sport that I can do twice a week.
  • When the weather is nice, I will play outside.
  • I will limit playing video games to one or two hours per day.
  • I will openly express my feelings and not be afraid to share them with others.
  • I will make my bed every morning.
  • I will keep my room and closet organized.

New Year’s Resolutions for Teens

“Parents should be careful about more common goals centered around food and exercise goals,” says Carrie Jackson, MD, a licensed child psychologist in San Diego. “Goals that are focused on losing weight, changing body appearance, or altering food should be avoided as they can create unhealthy eating habits and body image. If your child does want to incorporate some more exercise, you can frame it in a way that is not focused on the goal to lose weight, but rather to try out new physical activities each week.”

Examples of Resolutions for Teens

  • I will unplug from social media at least 24 hours every month.
  • I will read one new book every month.
  • I will donate my unwanted shoes and clothes.
  • I will drink more water.
  • I will get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.
  • I will learn a new vocabulary word every day.
  • I will perform one act of kindness every week.
  • I will refrain from saying negative things about myself.
  • I will ask questions if I am unsure of something.

New Year’s Resolutions for The Family

“Developing a family resolution can lead to more family-time and it can also teach kids the skill of teamwork,” says Mosback. “Developing and achieving a goal together as a family can be a bonding experience that draws the family closer as well.”

Examples of Resolutions for The Family

  • We will have a family game night once a week.
  • We will organize a monthly or weekly family volunteer activity that supports a group or charity of our choice.
  • We will share our highs and lows of the day with each other every night.
  • We will eat dinner together as a family every night.
  • We will put away our devices during dinner.
  • Every week, we will tell each other the qualities we admire most about them.
  • We will participate in one physical activity together as a family once a week.
  • We will make dinner together at least once a week.
  • We will use less plastic; and be more eco-friendly.

Do you have resolution examples to add to the list? We want to hear from you. Sound-off and comment below!

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