Skai Jackson is remaining positive after leaked sex video with Beyonce nephew, Julez Smith. 

According to Smith, the video was leaked to “ruin her life” and get back at her in the midst of their obviously nasty break-up.


The teen admitted to their relationship in a series of text messages with a group of friends. As a result, leaving many to question the legality of the relationship. At the time of the video’s taping, both Jackson and Smith were  underage. 

In the face of this sandal, Jackson has truly kept her chin up and has had support doing it from fans and celebrity friends alike. 

“He had no excuse to do her like that, she’s always kept to herself and not bothered anyone smh,” one Instagram post in support of Jackson read, 

“Skai didn’t deserve to be treated like that,” another comment read.

One commenter stated that Jackson should take legal action. “He should be prosecuted criminally. That’s against the law in some states. I certainly would.”

“Juelz was dead wrong. But good thing she’s grown and mature,” one user congratulated Jackson on how maturely she is handling the situation.

And one commenter made a poignant point on Smith being raised by women, “Regardless of the age difference or the situation-Juelz is being raised by a bunch of women, and I expected him to have more respect for a young lady..period!! He’s in the wrong for how he handled it.”

Even though Jackson has gotten plenty of support in the midst of the controversy, there have been plenty of negative comments. Yet, Jackson is no stranger to clapping back on social media. 

She said in an interview with ET for their Unfiltered series, “For me, growing up at a young age in the limelight and on social media, I joined Twitter when I was 10 and I got my Instagram when I was 11, so when I joined Instagram, I did notice a lot of hate comments or people would just, like, nitpick at my appearance, just to be funny.”

She continued, “A lot of people go through this. The most popular people do. And for me, being a young age, I didn’t understand why these people were saying these things. I would get really, really sad. But now I’m starting to learn to love myself no matter what and not care what anyone says.”

Staying positive and remembering to love herself no matter what will get Jackson through this. And as she said, “You live and you learn. Don’t look back just move forward. Love you guys,”

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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