Twenty-twenty has seen a barrage of police brutality against African-Americans where the call for justice has rung out in the form of protests throughout the country. Recently, 17-year-old actress Storm Reid sat down for a candid conversation with Steve Harvey on his Facebook show, STEVE on Watch, to discuss how she feels about the police in America. 


Referencing the interview, Reid commented on Instagram, “For real change to happen, they have to be willing to be uncomfortable. // I talked with Mr. Steve Harvey about the impact police brutality is having on young Black people – and what needs to happen to change things. Watch the full video on Facebook Watch! #SteveOnWatch 🤎”

In the episode that aired this week, the Euphoria teen talked about how she personally has always been afraid of the police.

“From a time that I can remember I’ve always been afraid of the police and it’s not something that my mom or the people around me were telling me, like ‘all police officers are bad,’” Storm said during the episode. “But I just feel not protected and unsafe and I’ve always felt that way and I feel like that feeling has amplified now because I do know what’s going on in the world and I do understand that there is a lack of concern for Black life, in that we’re dehumanized for existing.”

She went on to say in the interview that, “Whether that’s these young babies or these young children being on the ground and being handcuffed for no reason, or when I look at Breonna Taylor, I see my mom. I see my aunt. I see my sisters. Those are people that I genuinely, deeply care about that could lose their life just for being a Black woman or a Black man and that is something that I feel like we all have to come to terms with, but it’s not fair. And we have to try to continue to make steps to combat that ignorance and that intolerance and that injustice that we face.”

Also known as an ardent advocate, Reid urged viewers to continue the fight for justice for Breonna Taylor, in light of the recent Grand Jury decision. 

“We want justice, and we have to continue to say her name.”

To view Reid’s entire episode on STEVE on Watch among others, click here.

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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