Lecrae, a rapper known for his brand of Christian hip-hop, recently shared what his reaction would be if he found out his sons were gay.

Lecrae shares two sons and a daughter with his wife Darragh Moore, and in an interview with DJ Vlad on VLADTV Lecrae was asked how he would react if one of his sons came out as gay to him as an adult and asked him to attend his wedding. “Hey dad, this is my husband, we’re engaged, we’re gonna get married next month, and I want you to be in the wedding. What would you say?” asked DJ Vlad. Lecrae responded by explaining that he is accepting of his gay brother and that he would support his kids regardless of who they choose to marry.


“My brother’s gay, I don’t condemn him, I don’t look down on him for him being attracted to the same sex,” said Lecrae. “If anything, we’ll dialogue so that I can have a better understanding because I don’t profess to be like, ‘I got this all figured out and I know the way this should be.'”


DJ Vlad repeated the question and Lecrae answered by saying: “My thing is this, I wanna support my son and let him know that I love him, you know what I’m saying? Let him know that I care about him,” said Lecrae. “So for me, my son’s gonna know it’s not about a wedding, it’s about my dad being supportive of who I am as a person through and through.”

Since 2004, Lecrae has spent his career thrilling his fans, and on August 21, he released Restoration, which may be his final album and is accompanied by a short YouTube series called The Road to Restoration. In an interview with The Christian Post, Lecrae discussed how deeply personal his album is and why he made it so.

“I wanted people to be able to see who I was as a human being and that’s really a large part of my being restored,” said Lecrae. “My faith being restored, my mental, emotional, spiritual self — finding healing there was being free to not be a caricature, being free to be all of myself, and to let people see that for who I was.”



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