Rapper/actor Ice T recently spoke about his family’s experience with COVID-19, and joining him was his adorable 4-year-old daughter Chanel Nicole Marrow.


Ice T began his interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with little Chanel by his side. Fallon was glad to see her again, recalling a time when her mother, Coco Austin, brought baby Chanel on the show. “I remember you when you were a baby,” gushed Fallon. “Your mom came here to the show, I didn’t hold you, but I saw you. Oh my gosh, you’re beautiful, little princess.”

Chanel left soon after, Ice T began discussing his family’s experience with coronavirus, particularly his father-in-law (Coco’s father) Steve Austin, who “is a Harley-Davidson-riding, no-masking type of dude” who caught coronavirus and was forced into the ICU. After staying at the hospital for over a month, Steve Austin was released, but Ice T says that his lungs are “damaged indefinitely.”

Coco recently posted on Instagram a few pictures of her father in the hospital. In the caption, she explained Steve Austin’s situation and thanked fans for their prayers and support. “He is tethered to an oxygen machine for who knows how long,” Coco wrote. “All I do know is your prayers and “Get Well” wishes helped me and my family through this tough time and I deeply appreciate that from the bottom of my heart ❤.”

If it wasn’t obvious from his family’s situation, Ice T takes COVID-19 very seriously and has no patience for “non-believers” and those who downplay it. Ice T spoke about his response to a person who wrote to him and said “you seem scared” of coronavirus.

“I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m scared of your contaminated breath, ok?’ Is there a problem with that?” said Ice T. “I don’t wanna die. I made it through so much in my life. I don’t wanna die because of this, especially with a new daughter. So yeah, I’m aware and I’m concerned, and I’m cautious. You wanna call that scared? Call it scared.”

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