The tech-field is one of the most profitable industries out there. Companies such as Apple and Google have taken over Silicone Valley, and young people are flocking to the industry more so now than ever. Chicago teen Ian Michael Brock, is ensuring that youth from underrepresented communities have the opportunity to become a part of the tech community as well. 

Co-founder of the nonprofit organization, Dream Hustle Code, Brock is dedicated to bringing computer science education to black and brown young people with virtual camps, instruction and more. The young man is asking for $1 donations to make this happen in order to give 1,000 students the opportunity to “make it possible for more students of color to see that technology opportunities are available for them too,” Brock tells “With so much going on in Chicago this summer, from concerns about the COVID-19 uncertainty, to rising violence in Black and Brown communities, we don’t want our price to stop a kid from getting a chance at reshaping their future.”


When Brock was just eight-years-old, his mother encouraged him to watch a “cool video” about computer science. At first, not interested, he then noticed that his favorite NBA star, Chris Bosh, talking about his love of coding in the video, and he was hooked. 

“Someone who looked like me was doing computer science,” Brock, now 15-years-old, said to Education Week in an interview. “I watched it like 10 times.”

Brock and Dream Hustle Code launched the New Nerd Virtual Summer Camp for those with a desire to earn CS and coding.  

The eight-week program beings on July 13th and will combine computer programming and personal development for fifth through ninth graders. Students will be able to partake in live online classes and will be introduced to JavaScript and Google’s Grasshopper Application.

“I want to be, for other Black and Brown kids, the coach and mentor that I wish I had when I got started in my computer science journey,” Brock said in his interview. “Computer science and technology hold the key to the economic future for Black and Brown communities. The more kids from my generation that we get onboard, the quicker we can move toward stronger families, stronger communities—even a stronger country.”

For more information or to register for the camp, visit the Dream Hustle Code website. 

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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