With schools across the country closed because of coronavirus, parents like actress Halle Berry must balance their work with their children’s education, which she says is a “nightmare.”

The award-winning actress is currently home-quarantined with her two kids; her 12-year-old daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry and her 6-year-old son Maceo-Robert Martinez. On homeschooling her kids, Berry said in a recent ET interview that it has been a challenge getting her kids to focus on their schoolwork.


“It’s a nightmare for me. It’s a nightmare. This is like a wash of a semester; they’re really just not learning anything and it’s hard,” said Berry. “I have a 6-year-old, and what I learned is that when 6-year-olds see other 6-year-olds do things, then they do things. Like, they sit and they eat because there’s 25 other ones doing it. They stay at their desks and color because there’s 25 other ones doing it. At home, there’s not 25 other ones doing it. So, to get them to focus and realize they’re at home but yet they’re at school; it’s really been a challenge.”

However, Halle Berry cherishes the quality time she gets to spend with her children (when she doesn’t have to homeschool them), especially since she is often away from home due to her schedule. “I have enjoyed having all this extra time with them. We have been making good use of the time when they’re not in school,” says Berry. “When I’m not cracking the whip for school, we do have a lot of family time, story time and bonding time that we don’t often get to have, so there is the silver lining.”


Besides the quality time with she spends with her kids, Halle Berry is also passionate about MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). She recently joined UFC president Dana White to present “The Ultimate UFC Experience” sweepstakes for the ALL IN Challenge Foundation. Those who enter the sweepstakes by donating (the proceeds go to charity) have the chance to win a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada to have dinner with Halle Berry, watch UFC fights from Dana White’s own V.I.P. section, train with UFC fighters and more.

Halle Berry posted an Instagram video to promote the sweepstakes. In the caption she wrote: “I accept the #AllInChallenge and am teaming up with @ufc president @danawhite to give you the chance to win the most BADA** experience we could put together! Enter to win a trip to Vegas, dinner and VIP seats for the fight of your choice with me and SO MUCH MORE! Go to allinchallenge.com to enter NOW 👊🏽👊🏽.”

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