With the coronavirus pandemic shutting down schools and businesses around the country, parents such as journalist Tamron Hall have faced the challenges of working from home alongside their children. Hall recently spoke to PEOPLE about her experiences with filming The Tamron Hall Show from her New York City home under quarantine while raising her son Moses Greener, who recently celebrated his first birthday.


Though Tamron Hall admits there is no shortage of work to balance, she is happy to have her family by her side, and her show producers to aid her. “Although I count myself lucky, I’ve had to adjust to this new normal like everyone else. I’ve been balancing shooting our daily talk show from home while also taking care of my son Moses — all from my kitchen,” says Hall. “There’s been a lot to juggle, personally and professionally, but I’m grateful for the people around me physically (like my son and my husband) and virtually (like my family in Texas and our show team) who make it a little easier.”

Tamron Hall credits her executive producer Candi Carter for being able to run her show under the coronavirus pandemic. “While it seems like a miracle that we’re able to film all-new shows under these conditions, it’s not: Candi leads an amazing team who all work really hard to get this done every day,” says Hall.

Tamron Hall is home-quarantined along with her husband, producer Steve Greener, their son Moses and their son’s babysitter. After learning that her babysitter lived with someone who was at “high-risk” for contracting COVID-19, Hall gave her babysitter the option to wait out the coronavirus pandemic with them, which she accepted. Hall explained that having her babysitter around is a big help, particularly when she is taping her show.

Hall also spoke about how helpful her husband has been, calling him an “enormous help.” According to Hall, Steve does camerawork for her show and watches their pet bird Jojo, trying to keep her quiet during interviews.

“My husband ​has been an enormous help. ​Even though he’s also working from home, he does our camera work ​and wrangles our bird. Yes, we have a bird — her name is Josephine Birdker, Jojo for short — and anyone who’s ever owned a parrot can verify that they sound like smoke detectors when they squawk. It’s ​been his job to keep our living smoke detector from going off in the background, making sure Jojo doesn’t chirp during interviews. So far, I give him a C+, because the bird is winning,” says Hall.

Tamron Hall closed with a statement about how the coronavirus has been “devastating” to the Black community and urged people to protect themselves in the era of coronavirus. “I’m begging my community, begging everyone, to use your voice to help spread common sense,” said Hall. “There’s nothing more important right now than making sure everyone stays safe.”

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