Now that the New Year has kicked-off to a great start, many are going to be making resolutions as to what they want to achieve not only in the New Year, but new decade as well.

While you are making your resolutions, think about getting your kids on the bandwagon. This can not only become a holiday tradition for you all, but it can also teach children how to set goals and practice keeping attainable resolutions all year long. Additionally, it can help children develop their communication and decision-making skills.


“Parents can start by explaining what a resolution is and give examples of ones they have set in past years,” says Dr. Kristen Eastman, PsyD, a pediatric clinical psychologist at Cleveland Children’s Hospital in an interview with “Asking your children for ideas and helping them evaluate the options together is really important. You don’t want your child to feel like something in wrong with them now,” Dr. Eastman explains. “Rather, frame the conversation as ‘something that could be better if we did this.'”

According to, here are six fun resolutions that you and your kids can make together for 2020!

1. Instead of saying: “We are going to eat healthier,” say -“We are going to drink milk instead of soda or juice and eat fruit daily.”

“Target the area you and your child need to improve upon and discuss why that is important for you,” Dr. Eastman says.

2. Instead of saying: “We’re going to exercise more,” say -“We should go yoga class or to the gym as a family.”

“If you make it sound fun, it’s more likely to stick.”

3. Instead of saying: “We’re cutting down on screen time,” say -“Let’s try to read for :30 minutes before bed instead of TV or electronics.”

Reading together as a family can be fun and an instant book club.

4. Instead of saying: “I am going to help out around the house,” say -“We are going to do the cleaning together around the house.”

Assign tasks and make cleaning fun. Institute a reward system for whoever does the best job. Even mom and dad can get in on the reward action, it’s only fair!

5. Instead of saying: “I am going to be nicer to people,” say -“We should do random acts of kindness for others in need.”

It is never to early to get kids involved in helping others. Whether encouraging talking to someone new at school or volunteering at a soup kitchen or shelter as a family once a month, these things will guide children towards a future life of philanthropy.

6. Instead of saying: “I am going to learn something new,” say -“We should learn something new as a family.”

Learning new skills is always fun, but learning new skills together as a family can be exciting. Whether it is a language, how to play an instrument, or swimming lessons, everyone will look forward to this resolution.

What are some of your 2020 resolutions? Share in the comments and maybe others will add it to their lists too!

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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