Danielle Brooks, of Orange is the New Black, is embracing her pregnancy curves and all, in addition to getting inspired on a whole new level.

With her first baby girl on the way, the Netflix star is being upfront and honest about how her body is changing as she anticipates the arrival of her bundle of joy.


“I’m not Spanxing it up right now, so no thing is one thing,” Brooks jokes in an interview with People Magazine. “I’m not wearing heels — I have not put on a pair of heels [since] the minute I got my pregnancy-test results.”


As a result of her changing body, the Brooks has been inspired to curate a collection of the pieces from Universal Standard, the Fit Liberty (Mom) collection, understanding that the importance of how clothes need to accommodate the woman not the other way around.

“Comfort has been No. 1 for me … and just still feeling sexy and feeling that I don’t want to hide my curves and hide my belly,” Brooks says of her current style in the interview. “I want to embrace those things. So that’s been my style lately. It’s comfortable, yet still form-fitting to the body.”


In the same interview, the Universal Standard co-founder and creative director Alex Waldman told People Magazine that, “This is not about maternity clothing. This is about having a brand you can wear before, during and after pregnancy. … We really wanted to allow women to shop for the size that they are and then give them the freedom to change without fear, anxiety or any additional financial burden.”

The program itself is unique as it allows Universal Standard’s customers “to exchange any clothes that no longer fit for their own size.” This shows their customers that “you don’t have to change your style or who you are as you’re going through your pregnancy. When Danielle became pregnant, it was really lovely to hear from her [about] how much she enjoyed wearing the clothes,” Waldman adds to her statement. “And we started to get more and more feedback from our customers as well on that. So we thought it was such a natural way to bring everything together that we asked Danielle to curate the pieces that we have into what was [good for] pregnancy.”

So as her due date gets closer, what is Brooks most excited about?


“I’m excited to teach her how to be a woman in this world without worrying about judgment and give her the freedom to be the person that she wants to be,” Brooks says. “Then getting to see that person come to life and grow and change their opinions. I’m excited to see this little human!”

Congratulations, Danielle! We cannot wait to meet your bundle of joy!

Photos: Universal Standard

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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