Halloween is a fun time for all and kids are beyond excited to dress-up and trick-or-treat as scary ghosts and goblins or pretty little princesses. Although this can be a fun event for all, parents still need to make sure that their kids are safe as they make a show in the neighborhood during this spooky holiday event. Here are six tips to make sure that Halloween 2019 is a memorable one for all the right reasons!

1. Pick the right costume size and make sure that it can be seen. Making sure that costumes fit properly help avoid unnecessary falls and ensure that your little one has full range of motion to get his or her candy loot. Be sure to keep costumes bright so that kids can be seen moving about, if not, pick-up a glow stick or two.


2. Go as a group and make sure everyone keeps in step. Doing things as a group is always more fun! Older kids should stick together and make sure that they have chosen a route that is parent approved. But most of all, make sure that there is an agreed upon set time for everyone to return home.

3. Don’t feel obligated to hit every home. Don’t feel like you have to hit all the homes in the neighborhood. If you don’t know the home, it is okay to skip it. Stop by homes that you know and if you don’t, make sure that they are well-lit and a lot of traffic is also stopping by!

4. Follow road rules. Even though you are walking, the rules of the road should always be followed. Make sure to pay attention to crosswalks, stop lights, etc.

5. Check-out the stash. Before you or your kids dive-in, make sure to inspect all candy. Unless you know the giver well, toss out opened, homemade or repackaged treats.

6. Watch out for allergies. If you have an allergy child, make sure to read labels carefully before sharing the wealth.

Be safe and have a happy and safe Halloween 2019!

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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