"I Really Need Mommy Tips"

Porsha Williams will have to go without her edges for at least four months. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star took to Instagram to share the news of her hair loss, and to also ask fans for advice on how to bounce back from the effects of hormonal changes, earlier this week.


Porsha took to her daughter Pilar Jhena’s page when discussing her thinning hairline. “Ok, sooo I had to hack PJ’s page because I know a lot of amazing mommies follow her,” Williams began. “So HELP ME,” the RHOA petitioned. “My edges have fallen out after childbirth! I heard it would happen but I didn’t think it would have snatched mine. What can I do to get them back, guys? I need real mommy tips. And how did y’all wear y’all hair until they came back?”

Many fans took to Instagram to help Porsha Williams navigate through her crisis. “Continue taking your prenatals (sic) and Vitamin E,” one social media follower advised. Another of Pilar’s subscribers wrote, “Collagen, Biotin, [take] care of your natural hair, and stop the styles that apply any tension.”

It is not uncommon for women to suffer hair loss after giving birth. According to Elizabeth CW Hughes, MD, “All hair has a growth phase, termed anagen, and a resting phase, telogen. On the scalp, anagen lasts approximately 3 years, while telogen lasts roughly 3 months, although there can be wide variation in these times between individuals. During telogen, the resting hair remains in the follicle until it is pushed out by growth of a new anagen hair.”

Pregnancy may bring thicker hair because of hormonal changes. The growth cycle, however, returns to normal three months after a woman gives birth. Thus, given the growth phase as described by Dr. Hughes, thinning is inevitable.

The good news for Porsha Williams and dozens of other women who experience post-partum hair loss is that the condition is temporary. Many medical experts say that the growth phase usually bounces back within four to six months after thinning. Stay tuned for more Real Housewives of Atlanta baby news!

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