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Tommie Lee of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is ready to talk about the altercation with her 11-year-old daughter that nearly put her in prison. The celebrity mom recently stopped by The Breakfast Club to share her side of the story.


“I was arrested on some assault charges that basically had to do with my daughter,” Tommie told the show’s co-hosts. Lee was indicted on child abuse charges back in January after an altercation at her daughter’s school took a turn for the worse in 2018. Reports say that Tommie slammed her daughter’s head against a locker and committed other acts of physical assault during a pop-up visit to the tween’s school. The LHH star told The Breakfast Club that the reports are not entirely accurate.

“You know how reports go,” Lee said. “It was a lot put on that. It wasn’t like that at all,” she assured. Tommie went on to share the story behind the altercation.

“First of all, my daughter took edibles to school and she got a charge from that,” Tommie explained. “She took them to school, all the kids ate them, and basically, they called me [and told me that] all the kids were rushed to the hospital. That was a real (sic) big deal for me [because] I was arrested when I was 15-years-old as a runaway and that’s how I started my record; [by] being arrested as a runaway. … It really hindered my life.”

Tommie tried to tell her daughter to keep a low profile in school and to focus on the books. The tween, however, continued to exhibit troublesome behavior. “She was feeling herself at school [and] just trying to fit in,” Lee shared. “The teacher called me three times about her behavior in school.” It was after the third call that Tommie Lee decided to take drastic measures to get her daughter’s attention.

“I got my a– whipped in school,” Lee told The Breakfast Club. “My mother whipped my a– in front of the gym,” the celebrity mom continued. “She whipped my a– in front of everybody. So that’s the first thing that came to my mind. ‘I’m going to embarrass her in front of everybody so she won’t be embarrassing this teacher, or disrespecting this teacher.’ That’s what I thought.”

A camera caught the altercation between Tommie Lee and her daughter. The LHH star later learned that she was being charged with child abuse.

“Whippings are a last resort for me,” Tommie told the co-hosts of The Breakfast Club. “I can count on my hand how many times I’ve had to get physical with [my kids],” she added. “We don’t have that type of relationship.”

Tommie Lee initially faced 54 years in prison for child abuse charges. The celebrity mom, however, managed to accept a plea deal that included her pleading guilty to child cruelty charges and adhering to an 11 PM curfew. Lee also cannot travel outside of the state of Georgia without written permission and cannot attend events where alcohol and drugs are present. Stay tuned for more celebrity mom news!

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