After a roller coaster ride for the past nine months, you have been gifted with a beautiful little soul. Now it’s time to celebrate.

But that’s not how it goes. New moms have to go through another saga of struggle post their delivery.


The post-partum depression is a common occurrence, and most moms go through these baby blues.

The new family member will now require all the time and energy for every second of the day, and you know it better.

Your motherly instinct will make you devote yourself completely to your little one. And you really can’t help it.

But once the process gets exhausting, you will be stressed out and wonder if you have a life beyond your baby or not. Avoid losing yourself; it’s vital to keep your sanity.

10 Self-Care Tips For New Mothers

We know your world orbits around your baby now, but take a step back and think about the life you had before the baby.

Thinking about yourself is not selfish. Look after your needs, and if you don’t know where to begin, we are here to help you out with our ten self-care tips that are centered for mothers like you out there.

1. Schedule Your Sleep

The one thing that always gets disrupted for a new mom is her sleep cycle. The constant attention a newborn requires is hard to keep up with.

You might need to wake up every hour or two to feed and check on the baby.
Going to bed as soon as the baby does is a good advice to follow.

However, you still may not get enough rest. What you could do is take small naps throughout the day.

Make sure your average sleep time accumulates to seven to eight hours of rest. Without proper rest, don’t even imagine taking proper care of your baby.

2. Eat Nourishing Food

We know being with the little one has not spared you time for cooking healthy meals at home. But getting on a quick meal is not the option.

While your newborn plays for a little while, steal the time to prepare a nourishing meal that takes little effort. Or munch on some fresh fruits while you’re nursing.

If you’re breastfeeding, maintaining a healthy diet should be your topmost priority.

3. Stay Hydrated

Our body contains three-fourths of water, every chemical reaction happening in our body requires water. And a nursing mother needs to remain hydrated no matter what.

Keep a bottle of water close to you or in the nursery and remember to sip on some whenever you get the chance. Your body needs a lot of liquid to heal.

4. Exercise

Don’t start right after your delivery no matter how much you despise your shape. Wait till your doctor permits you to.

Create a routine that makes you move your bones every day. Take a stroll in the park, or let your baby be with a family member while you go jogging. You could even try yoga and aerobics at home.

5. Get Ready For The Day

It’s easy to give up on your self-grooming and lie around with your baby. An experienced mother says she wouldn’t trade her wonderful shower regime for anything.
Take a warm shower, get dressed and put on some makeup even if you’re not going to see anyone. Getting ready will give you a confidence boost and elevate your mood instantly.

6. Go Out

The idea of stepping out of your room may seem dreadful. You may not feel like doing so, but motivate yourself and take a walk in the fresh air while your baby is taken care of by someone else.

Meet some friends or relatives to catch up. Or make a dinner plan with your husband.

If you plan to take your baby along with you and if you’re a breastfeeding mom then you definitely need a nursing cover that will let you breastfeed in public.

7. Schedule A Parlor Appointment

Self-care begins with pampering yourself. And a salon appointment is what you need the most. Your hair has been messy throughout labor and post-delivery.

Get a haircut that’s easy to manage, get your nails done or try on a new facial. It’s time to rejuvenate yourself.

8. Join A Mom Community

Becoming a mom for the first time might make you feel lost. In this crucial stage of your life, you need help and support.

Look for mom communities in your area or meetup new moms through online forums. They are going or have gone through the same phase as you. You’ll feel a lot more confident and less stressed out when there are mutual guidance and support.

9. Treat Yourself

When was the last time you treated yourself? Go for a shopping spree and buy that new foundation you wanted to try.

Satisfy your sweet cravings and indulge yourself with a chocolate cheesecake or your favorite Starbucks coffee.

10. Establish A Routine

If you spend the day only looking after your newborn, then you need a new routine ASAP! Your sanity comes before anything else.

Think of all the responsibilities and things you did before the baby. What are you missing out on? Create a schedule that includes your pamper time, social life, time with your husband and for your hobbies.

Spend some time reading a book or write down your thoughts as you experience motherhood. After all, you matter just as much as your baby does.

Some Last Words

The nesting nature and abundant love you feel towards your little one is a joy one can’t describe in words. Just as much responsible you feel towards your infant; you should not forget about yourself in the process.

Only a healthy and sound mother can work through the initial stages of motherhood. Let your significant other or family members look after the baby as you take care of your needs. It’s impossible to love anyone else if you don’t love yourself first.

Author Bio:

Stepheny is a content writer at Feedfond. A prolific writer and speaker and an absolute doting mother to her two children, she’s one of a kind. If you wish to read more of her work, visit Feedfond.com.

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