Season three of This Is Us premiered last month on NBC and actress Eris Baker, who plays Tess Pearson on the show, sat down with to give us the inside scoop on the new season.

Check out a snippet from the interview below and make sure to tune into This is Us Tuesday’s on NBC 9/8c.


When you were cast in This Is Us could you have imagined that it would be so big?

Eris Baker: I had no [idea] that it was gonna be this big, so I’m definitely very thankful.

What was your reaction when you learned about your character’s flash-forward scenes?

Eris Baker: I love that people are going to see an older Tess and how 10-year-old Tess evolves from when she was little to when she was grown. And how all the situations on the show affected her when she got older.

Have you interacted with Lantha Richardson, the actress who plays older Tess?

Eris Baker: Yes, I did meet older Tess, and lots of people know this, but she looks almost exactly like me. She’s such an amazing actor.

Does seeing the future character change the way you approach your performance?

Eris Baker: When I started this show, I didn’t know there was going to be a future Tess, so I was just playing Tess off of what I already knew about her during that time. Then, when I saw older Tess become a social worker, that changed my perspective of how I would act.

Will fans have some answers about that mysterious “her” cliffhanger?

Eris Baker: I can say that [with this storyline], viewers will learn about older Tess more and what affected her when she was little to become a social worker. Also, how other situations have affected her to become the person that she is.

To read the remainder of Baker’s inside scoop, click here. Don’t forget, This is Us, season three, is now in full swing! If you’ve missed an episode, catch up OnDemand or on the NBC app. This is definitely one season that you don’t want to miss!

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