You’ve heard of the weird cravings, the morning sickness, and the stretch marks that may or may not appear but there are some pregnancy surprises that many first-time moms find out on their own. Here are four things that no one tells you about being pregnant, but you find out anyway!

Feet can grow an entire size larger
Swollen feet and ankles are no secret, but what some women are shocked to find is that their feet can grow and entire shoe size larger and stay that way even after your bundle of joy arrives! For the most part, a woman’s shoe size returns to its original size within a few weeks postpartum but for some, you will just get a pass to shop ‘til you drop for new shoes.


Gingivitis and Sensitive Gums
Pregnancy can make the expectant mom experience temporary gingivitis or sensitive gums. No one knows why but just know if you notice blood on your toothbrush while pregnant, it shouldn’t last long.

You’ve given birth but still feel baby kick
Thanks to muscle memory those abdominals remember baby’s bonding kicks and punches well after birth. If you are a postpartum mom and still feel baby kicking away, even though is pretty strange, don’t fret it should only last a few weeks.

Are you a mom? What are some things that you didn’t know before being pregnant that caught you by surprise? Sound-off, we want to hear from you!

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

Writer and Editor

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