Eyeroll. Some people are just trolls. So Lena Huggar, wife of RL Huggar and mother of precious Rory, shared a picture of her family this past weekend that got a few of her fans “concerned” about the child’s privacy. Sigh.

In the pic, Lena and RL are relaxing beside their daughter who takes on the same posture as mom and dad. All of the Huggars are lying on their stomachs with Rory’s little tush bare for the world to see. Lena and RL are, of course, covered in the candid.


Many adored the innocence of childhood that the picture portrayed. Some “concerned” Instagram patrol officers, however, tried to criticize Lena for sharing the photo. “The problem I see with this pic is I don’t think the baby will be happy that this was seen all over the internet when older and second there are pervs out there that are sick that will use this pic for themselves,” one follower wrote. “Beautiful family tho. Some things should be private.”

Another subscriber, however, came to Lena’s defense saying, “I’m confused as to why there are grown a*s ADULTS in these comments sexualizing her child? You’re thinking that it’s something wrong with her and her husband for the picture, but I honestly think it’s something wrong with y’all for your minds to even go there FIRST. All I see is a super adorable cute family picture.”

Mrs. Huggar also responded to the negativity that some were trying to spread online concerning her daughter’s bare backside. “Please don’t make me regret sharing my family with y’all,” she wrote. “I understand opinions…everybody has one just like everybody has a tushy like my daughter’s I just posted. It’s just a baby’s bottom LAWD! The most precious thing I can share with y’all. INNOCENCE. Trust me it took a lot to share her with y’all in the first place. She is just such a blessing to this world like all children how could I not hope to spread her light,” she asked.

Lena continued by thanking those who spread positive vibes and lend support to her and RL in their journey down parenthood lane. “Honestly the beautiful words inspire me,” she said. Mrs. Huggar also had a few words for those who only thought to criticize her decision to share Rory in all of her innocence. “Stop finding what you think is wrong with the picture and enjoy what’s right,” she advised.

Rory is RL and Lena Huggar’s only child. She celebrates her first birthday in January.



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