Since they were discovered by Queen B herself on social media, Chloe x Halle have become the embodiment of generation Z in terms of fashion, activism, spirit, and beyond.

Their eclectic style, passion, and sound have garnered them a cult-like following of fans that the duo seems to embrace with every fiber of their being.


Recently, after their appearance on stage at the Girl Cult Festival, Chloe X Halle sat down with i-D to talk about everything from the festival itself, to what girl power meant to them, to why they see generation Z as the generation that is poised to save the world.

Check out excerpts from their interview below. To read the interview in its entirety, click here.

How did it feel to be surrounded by so many strong female artists and fans at Girl Cult Festival? 
Chloe: It really felt like a sisterhood. There’s something about being around so many beautiful women at one time. It’s like we all see each other’s light and positive energy. We were sharing the dressing room with Willow and she’s just the most beautiful person in the world. It was like a fun sleepover!

What about Generation Z do you admire? 
Chloe: We love being a part of Generation Z. One of the things I admire about us is that we’re not afraid to take risks. We aren’t afraid to fail because we want to defend ourselves and the world we’re living in. We give it our all, use our voices for what we think is important, and make stuff happen. And that’s why I’m so proud to be a part of this generation. People may underestimate Gen-Z or worry because of the situations that are being left for us to carry on our shoulders, but we got this.

Halle: I’m inspired by so many creatives online — whether it’s painters or singers or sculptors — and how they take this pain that we’re feeling and make it something beautiful.

As sisters, how do you support each other? 
Halle: In so many ways! Whether it’s Chloe just going, “You poppin’, girl!” Or, when I’m feeling really down, her giving me one those big sister talks and saying, “Listen. You got this.” Also, watching her create. It’s like watching a genius work. That inspires me because I realize,Oh, that’s my blood. I can do that too.

Chloe: All Halle has to do is give me a look or squeeze my hand and she’ll instantly make me feel better. Our souls just completely vibe off each other. I’m so grateful I have a partner in crime to go through life with. Because we’re not only sisters, we’re best friends.

Speaking of girl power, it would be impossible not to mention the CEO of your label, Beyoncé. What has she taught you about female empowerment? 
Chloe: You know, female empowerment oozes out of her body with grace and confidence. She’s not only a kind person, but also an incredible business woman. My sister and I want to run our own empire one day, and having someone like Beyoncé to look up to is incredible.

Halle: When we’re with her, she’s just so great about telling us to continue doing what we’re doing. We make all of our music — mostly by ourselves. She’s always made clear: “Girls, keeping doing that. You’re breaking barriers. One day people are going to look at you as legends because of this.”

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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