Keke Wyatt is bumping around Hawaii. The celebrity mom recently shared pictures and video clips from her and husband Michael Ford's vacation in paradise.

One of the clips was shot from Keke and Michael's patio in their hotel room. Wyatt offered fans a complete view of the scenery, which was nothing short of beautiful. "Me and my baby chillin," the singer wrote. Many fans gave their blessings and affirmations of Keke and her husband needing a break. "Y'all work sooo hard," one fan wrote. The follower continued, "I'm still praying for your baby and your family and for the Lord to provide strength May God continue to bless y'all."

It was just a few weeks ago that Keke Wyatt announced her decision to shave her head in honor of one of her children presently fighting cancer. "Plz pray for my family," Keke petitioned Instagram fans. "My child has been fighting cancer and lost all of their hair that they loved. It hurts me so bad. So to show Mommy's support I'm going to get @keever_west to shave me bald today." Several other family members followed Keke's lead by shaving their heads in support of their loved one battling the disease. Wyatt's aunt and mom gladly took to Instagram for photos after their haircuts.

My aunt @milifeisblessed shaved her head to support my baby!!! ???cancer #familyovereverything

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My beautiful mommy @missjazzy60 shaved hers too!!! #nohairdontcare?? #Naked #Heads #EFcancer Thankx mom!!!

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Keke Wyatt and Michael Ford parent eight children together. The celebrity couple will welcome the ninth child to their happy family when Keke gives birth later this year. Stay tuned for more Keke Wyatt baby news!



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