Skai Jackson has unquestionably become a leading fashion-icon in Hollywood. Her style is ever-changing and she does not dare to experiment along the way. From eye-catching pops of color to Disney-sweet denim, Jackson definitely has a different and unique look for every occasion. sat down with the teen star and her mother, Kiya Cole, to discuss everything from daily routines to family, as a part of their monthly Sunday Girl feature. Take a sneak peek from the interview here. For the full conversation, visit


You always start the morning with?

Skai: Making breakfast, going to church, grabbing lunch and then hanging out with my friends to catch a movie! Sunday is such a chill day so I’m either with friends or relaxing at home.

Kiya: Going to church, followed by brunch, then coming home to relax and get ready for the week ahead. I always start the morning off with a glass of water. It releases toxins and gets your body ready for the good things to be put back in.

You’re working, traveling, or sleeping in?

Skai: Sleeping in! Its very rare that I am working on a Sunday. I love those days when I do get to sleep in because sometimes I just don’t do that enough!

Kiya: Like Skai, I’m definitely sleeping in.

We’ll always find you wearing…

Skai: A romper because they are so easy to throw on! They’re perfect for those days when you don’t feel like putting a full outfit together!

Kiya: I’ll pick a romper any day! The older I get I just like to feel comfortable.

You get an afternoon to hang out with friends/family. What’s on the agenda?

Skai: If I am hanging out with my friends, we usually go see a film, go out to dinner, or walk around and shop at The Grove. We always have a great time together and do a lot of fun activities.

Kiya: I love going to afternoon movies with family or friends. If I’d rather stay in, I love having people over to watch a good movie.

Who is the most adventurous? Laid back?

Skai: I would say my mom is more adventurous. I am definitely the one who is more laid back but is also down for anything.

Kiya: I think I’m more adventurous and Skai is more laid back.

Tiffany Silva

Tiffany Silva

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