Lucia Benet is exceeding all of her charitable expectations. The oldest daughter of Manuela Testolini and Eric Benet recently launched a backpack drive that has surpassed her $6,000 goal.

Lucia took to the In A Perfect World's Instagram page a few days ago to solicit to the help of generous adults. "Hi, my name is Lucia," the little one began. "I'm 5-years-old, and I'm a junior ambassador for In A Perfect World," she added.

Lucia went on to tell viewers that she was gearing up for another school year with all of the supplies she needed to thrive. "I'm going to Kindergarten and I'm going to have everything I need," the youngster said. She continued, "But did you know that some kids don't even have what they need? That's why I'm doing a backpack drive for 200 kids in Los Angeles."

The 5-year-old ended her message by encouraging viewers to donate at least $30 to her cause of helping underprivileged children have school supplies this upcoming year. The response was overwhelming as Lucia's goal of $6,000 has been surpassed by $1,850 to date.

Manuela and Eric Benet must be proud of their daughter who is making a big impact at such a young age. It was just a few months ago that Eric and Manuela helped their daughter in her charitable efforts by putting on a benefit concert for In A Perfect World.

The nonprofit carries out its mission to serve impoverished children and has impacted more than 3,000 kids in Mali, Malawi, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Nepal who attend schools built by In A Perfect World. Learn more about the nonprofit and donate to its present cause here!



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