According to parenting experts, baby's first haircut, if they were born with flowing locks, as early as 8-months-old. Otherwise, parents should wait until the little tyke is at least two-years-old.

However, this mom asked if @ricolondon would cut her son's hair because of her religion. There has long been a long history of the "theology of hair" hailing from the ancient Israelites and Sampson to modern-day-Sikh's. Even in Muslim tradition, a newborn's hair is supposed to be shaved seven days after its birth when the child is given their name as a ritual sacrifice.

Do you think that this mom of a one-month-old is following religious practice or societal vanity? Sound off! We want to hear from you!

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  1. This is indeed an Islamic practice that I have done with my own children also. Either my husband or I took care of the shaving of our children, both baby boys and girls. It is not requirement Islamically, but rather an optional practice that is encouraged as a tradition. I have not seen my friends have a barber shave their newborn but the use of clippers is common. All my babies slept or nursed through it and their hair grew just fine.

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