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Shai Moss is her mom's little muse! Earlier today, Joie Chavis launched an online shop named after her daughter Shai. ShopLittleShai, which is an extension of ShopShai, is described as your "one stop princess shop".

"I'm so happy to announce that @shoplittleshai is live!" Joie writes on her Instagram page. "I work so hard and lord knows its not easy running a business. The ups and downs im grateful for because it's allowed me to learn from my mistakes when it comes to running and maintaining a successful business. I want to thank anyone who supports me, I truly appreciate all of you."

She then went on to thank her sister Najah Chavis. "Thank you @najahchavis for capturing these little princesses. @jonnellchavez for all my marketing, my beautiful website, and creative graphics! I'm sooooo happy you have no idea. Up next: Fitness & Plus Size".

Shai's dad is rapper/actor Shad Moss.

Check out the gallery to see some of the clothing offered on

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