Welcome to our world Bonnie Bella Jordan! Joseline Hernandez gave birth to her and Stevie J's daughter on Wednesday and the celebrity father took to Instagram shortly after his daughter made entry.

"Bonnie Bella Jordan 12.28.16," Stevie J shared along with a picture that showed the back of his newborn daughter's head. Joseline also shared her excitement with social media fans. "I'm so happy," she tweeted. "My daughter Bonnie'Bella is a precious gift. Can't stop looking at her. I'm in love."

Bonnie Bella Jordan 12.28.16

A photo posted by Stevie J. (@hitmansteviej_1) on

Many moms take time to rest after their labor and delivery experience but Joseline was all about her fans. The new mom went live on YouTube for more than an hour after giving birth to Bella. Joseline had her family members and friends around who gave her praise for her tenacity during labor. "I'm so proud of her," one loved one said. "She brought that birth like no other. She did that."

Joseline Hernandez announced her expectancy earlier this year. Stevie J confirmed that he was the father of the reality star's child as the pregnancy progressed. "Bonnie Bella is 4 weeks away," the producer shared with Instagram fans last month. "@joseline we may not always get along and have done some hurtful things to each other but raising a child takes both parents. I'm all in."

Bonnie Bella is Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J's first child together. Stevie J has six kids in all.



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