Congratulations to Lloyd Banks who is a new dad! The recording artist took to Twitter on Thursday to celebrate the arrival of his daughter.

"My baby girl is here," he exclaimed. Lloyd's tweet was well-received by hundreds who liked and retweeted the news. "I know you gone be a great dad," one follower wrote in response to the news. "That baby gonna have so many punchlines on the mic," another said.

Lloyd Banks is recognized as one of the kings of punchlines. Much of the rapper's success is founded on the art of quick wit, which is something for which Banks is grateful.

"I would use those comments to fuel me," he said of his writing process last year. "Literally, if it was a hundred comments and half of them were good and the other half were bad, my goal would be to get 75 next time. Then 85 next time to the point where there were no bad comments."

Although his career's foundation is punchlines and Internet comments, Lloyd is aiming to delve deeper into the art of lyric writing. "Nobody tattoos punchlines," he admitted to Hip Hop DX. "When you change your content and you say your subject matter is some real sh** and it’s really connecting with what people are going through on a day to day basis, then you might see a tattoo."

Fans shouldn't be surprised to see Lloyd Banks' content further evolve as he settles into the role of father. The rapper's daughter is his first child.

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