You know her from the hit reality series Marrying the Game but there is more to Tiffney Cambridge than what meets the eye. The mother of two is a veteran school teacher and author of a children’s book that is growing in popularity.

Tiffney recently sat down with BlackCelebKids.com to share the details about her book along with a few secrets to successful co-parenting. Check out what she had to say below!

On what inspired her to write The Little Girl Who Lost Her Smile:
“When their father and I decided that we would co-parent, I started really journaling my feelings about the situation personally, and then also about how Cali and Justice felt about it. In addition to that, I’m a school teacher and a lot of my students, I found, had experienced or were experiencing the same situation. And so, by going through the same thing with my kids that my kids in the classroom were going through, and by journaling and having all of my thoughts written down, that kind of turned into the book.”

Advice about co-parenting:
“I just think it’s important to come to a place where the two parents can get along for the sake of the child. I know that as adults we go through different challenges and different difficulties in relationships with each other. But I do think it’s important to put the differences to the side, and allow a situation where the children can see both parents in a friendly position. [Children should be at a place] where they’re comfortable with being around both parents, where there is no arguing and going back and forth. I think it’s important for kids to know that if they are in a situation where they’re in dual homes, where they’re spending time with mom and spending time with dad, that [it’s] okay. It’s actually, these days, more common than not. I want [kids] to know that it’s not an experience that they’re going through alone. There are a lot of other children that are going through, and experiencing the same thing. And I want them to have a sense that it’s okay. It’s okay to be at mom’s and be at dad’s, and to know that you’re loved and cared for and secure in both places.”

How Cali and King have adapted to living in dual homes:
“I think that they have done exceptionally well. I think that I was more worried about it then I needed to be. And that’s a message that I want to convey to other mothers that may be going through the same situation because when their father and I decided that we were going to just co-parent, I was really worried about how Justice and Cali would adjust. But I found that as the process took place, and we went along with it, they were actually okay with it. They enjoyed having time with their father, and they have a good time when they’re with him, and they’re comfortable being at home with me. So for Cali and Justice the situation worked out very, very well. I think that writing the book and constantly talking to them about it, and reassuring them that things were okay, [helped]. I think that by them seeing their father and I getting along, and being in a place where we weren’t arguing in front of them and fussing in front of them, and there was no struggle that they could see, I think that they developed a level of comfort with the situation. And so I can say that they’ve really adjusted well.”

On the possibility of her doing another reality show:
“I’m not opposed to doing a show. I really enjoyed the show. It was kind of nerve-racking at first, and a little difficult to balance being on a reality show and actually still having a full time job, and teaching, and then balancing being a mom. So I was juggling a lot at one time but once I got adjusted to it, I got used to it. And so a lot of people really enjoyed the show. The kids (Cali and Justice) enjoyed the show. It was really a positive family show. So I’m definitely not opposed to doing something again.”

How she balances her career aspirations with motherhood:
“It takes a lot of careful planning. I have a really good support team. I’ve been teaching for a long time. I’ve been teaching [for] seventeen years. So being at the grade level that I am, [careful planning] kind of comes second nature. And being a mom comes second nature too. So it’s really just about being organized, and structured, and staying on a schedule, and just being able to know what my limits are. I try not to push myself too hard but at the same time, I try to get as much done as I can get done in a day’s span. During the day, I’m at work. I get up in the morning, [and] I got to get the kids to school, and get them off. And then I go to work, and do that until about two or three in the afternoon. And then after that, I tend to the book writing or, at that time, the reality show. So I kind of [have] it all balanced and figured out.”

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Smile as a series:
“I want to do three books in the series, [which will all be] about children who go through early childhood experiences that can cause them to lose their smile, or lose their joy. And then [I want to] talk about how they get that joy, and that spirit, and that zest back. So I’d like to do two more in this series. And my son wants one done from a boy’s perspective, so I think that’ll come next.”

What Tiffney has planned for the future:
“I’m taking all of this being a children’s book author in, and I’m really enjoying it. I’d like to see where this road leads me. I’ve been in the classroom for a long time, and I really love and enjoy working with children. So if I had an opportunity to come out of the classroom and maybe do some motivational speaking or go around and do some book readings, where I’m reading this book and the other books that I’m going to write, and really encourage and inspire children outside of the classroom, I’d really like that.”

You can meet Tiffney and the kids this Sunday at her book launching event at Books and Cookies in Santa Monica, California. The event will be held from 11-2 p.m., Pacific Standard Time. Learn more about Tiffney and The Little Girl Who Lost Her Smile at the book’s website.

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