Rachel Crow is not only an actress and singer, now she is an activist too.


Campaigning for Peta2, the young celeb is encouraging people everywhere to adopt a pet rather than buy from a pet store.

Although puppies are cute, Rachel points out that there are many other dogs that needs homes and that helping these out will be more beneficial to the world in the long run. Growing up with a grandmother who worked for the animal control department, the Rio2 star was always aware of the importance of spaying/neutering and adopting. Pet stores tend to sell animals born in puppy mills which are often very poor living conditions for animals forced to breed again and again. Rather than support this activity, adopting from a shelter can help save stray animals who may otherwise need to be euthanized due to nothing more than a lack of resources within shelters to care for all the animals that come in.

In the peta2 ad, the starlet says, “Baby dogs are cute, but they do grow up, and so basically you’re just getting one that already grew up.” Rachel encourages everyone to embrace this idea, “Maybe you’re giving it a second chance,” she continues excitedly, “I’m big on second chances.”

Rachel is passionate about the topic of adoption because she herself was given a second chance at a good life when she was adopted at six months old. She had been taken by social services when they found she was “living in unsafe circumstances”. While competing on X Factor she reportedly said if she were to win the money for first prize, she would have used it to help other foster kids. Her own website reads “On a personal note, Rachel crow cares a great deal about helping children get adopted. This is something dear to Rachel’s heart because she was adopted. She hopes to one day open a fund to help accomplish this.”

Peta2 Free For All is the world’s largest youth activist group for animal rights. Beginning in 2002, it is an expansion of PETA. Some of their other current campaigns include “Cut Out Dissection”, “Go Vegan”, and “Elephants Never Forget”.

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