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Marquise Jackson has called his dad out for not being a present figure in his life. Fifty Cent has called out his son for not giving him a chance to be the active father that he wants him to be. Much has been said about Marquise’s mother, Shanique Tompkins, by 50 Cent but no one has truly heard her story; until now.


Shaniqua recently stopped by V-103 radio station to respond to Fiddy’s allegations of her not inviting him to Marquise’s graduation and being the driving force behind their son’s “entitlement” way of thinking. Check out what Tompkins had to say!

On Fiddy not being invited to Marquise’s graduation.

“He’s privy to the same information that I’m privy to as a parent. You can call the school or have your assistant call. I’m not being condescending. It was no tickets. It was on the lawn of the school. People that I did invite, they stood on the side to watch the graduation. You could’ve been there. That’s your choice. And being that you said you paid tuition — which he doesn’t — you should’ve had a first class ticket then. You paid tuition, right? But he doesn’t. He pays child support. He doesn’t pay tuition. He promised me, but then he changed his mind.”

The child support issue.

“I don’t even get six figures. I’ll put it this way. He pays more in his light bill in Connecticut than he pays me in child support.

The lawyers are involved. That’s number one. It goes according to lifestyle. Regardless of the fact that I was with him, Marquise was accustomed to a certain lifestyle. I lived in a $1.6 million house in New York, I drove a Range Rover, I had a BMW, my allowance was $20,000 a month. I didn’t pay for any bills. I didn’t pay for travel. So he’s supposed to live that lifestyle to a certain extent. Everything he promised in court, ‘I’m going to take him to basketball games! I’m going to take him on vacations!’ He hasn’t done any of that. He hasn’t done any of it.”

On her not working since 2000.

“I had a job with TLC network and [50] came and stopped that. I had a deal with a reality show. The show was canceled but everyone got paid their full contract but me. So you say, ‘Get a job’ but I had one. TLC sent me a 1099. I filed taxes. I had one.”

Why she shared her story with TMZ.

“TMZ called me and I don’t know how they got my number. I spoke with TMZ once because he went on Kelly and Michael saying that, ‘My son. He’s getting ready to turn 17 and we have this great relationship and his friends love me.’ And I’m like wait a minute, you haven’t seen your son in almost two years. This month makes two years. He hasn’t seen his son since May 2012. He hasn’t spoken to Marquise since the text messages where he told him ‘F-U. I have another child. Lose my number.’ Marquise hasn’t spoken to him since.”

The incident that encouraged her to leave Fiddy.

“I’m a person who doesn’t go out much. I’m very much a homebody so he started seeing my behavior change a little bit because I did meet someone. I was cheating on him after he done cheated on me numerous times. I met somebody. So I started going out and I’m smiling about it. He didn’t find out about it. I think he had a clue, like, ‘Where’s your mom? She’s always home.’ He came home and I wasn’t there. So when I got in, he called me first. But I know how he is so I said, ‘I’m not going to come home until you calm down.’ And when I got home he just lost it. He lost it completely. Just lost it. Even when my daughter walked in the room, he still was hitting me. I hate to sound like a battered woman but it just bothered me. He really lost it and broke down and cried. He’s so scary because he was hitting me in one moment and he’s angry, but the next minute he’s in my lap crying like a baby. So it’s a lot of issues there.”

“I can’t say money changes a person. I was the girl that was on his grandmother’s stoop when he got shot. He went to my mother’s house to heal. I went to work when my son was four months old while he was sitting home being daddy day care, watching Sesame Street and Little Bill. He has created this persona. This 50 Cent character. I don’t know this person. It reminds me of CB4. No I don’t know this person.”

Marquise is 50 Cent and Shaniqua’s only son together.



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