Laila Ali was spotted running errands with her two-year-old son Curtis in Los Angeles, California this week.  The expectant mom has revealed in her latest blog that her pregnancy cravings has caused her butt to get "bigger than it has ever been!" She writes:

Because this pregnancy has caused all sorts of cravings (sugar, salt, you name it), my butt is bigger than it has ever been! Surprisingly, I haven't been very concerned about it. I guess that's because I know I will put in the work it takes to get back down to size after giving birth. Well, that and because I have Spanx on hand whenever I need them. In fact, next month, my Spanx will be my BFF when I participate in The Heart Truth's annual fundraiser, Red Dress Fashion Show, in New York.

Otherwise, I am 30 weeks now and very excited about what's to come. Yesterday I had a 3D ultrasound and was able to see my daughter's face. Although my husband and I were trying to figure out who she will look like, it really doesn't matter. Like all parents, we just want our baby to be healthy and for the birth to go smoothly. So that is what we continue to hope and pray for!

Photo:KM Press Group

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